Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Coming Up: Kansas City Mandatory Recycling

Kansas City gives up gun rights in order to take up plastic bottle sorting . . .

KSHB: City leaders discuss mandatory recycling in Kansas City


"Nearly 90,000 tons of trash is collected in Kansas City. Less than a third of that is recycled.

"The next step is to have 80 percent of the trash collected go somewhere other than landfills. Right now that number is at 20 percent, even though the majority of people in Kansas City recycle."

And while the dictate from Public Works seems nice . . . REGULARLY SCHEDULED CURBSIDE BULKY ITEM PICKUP would probably serve Kansas City better, help decrease the local illegal dumping problem AND earn greater civic cooperation.


Anonymous said...

Watch out Oak Grove. LC is getting ready to dump in your back yard. They call that recycling in the ghetto.

Anonymous said...

I agree we do need regular bulky item pick up. Our neighborhood sponsors a dumpster day twice a week and the dumpsters are almost full by 9am.