Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Carmen Electra And The Kansas City Link Pool

Carmen Electra swimsuit hotness endures as we gather these Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Kansas City Newsie Snuff Clip: Police chase ends when driver going wrong way crashes. . . 1 dead after police chase, wrong-way crash

- Help Find This Lady: MISSING: Lynita Dukes, 47, of Kansas City, Mo.

- If Only The Competition Wasn't So Horrible: NBC News says Kansas Brownback/Davis governor’s race, competitive, largely overlooked

- Show-Me Border War Decline Too: Missouri revenues falling short of projections

- The Latest Local Gunfire Fatality: Man dies from injuries suffered in KCK shooting

- Old And Busted Infrastructure Reminder: Gas main breaks in KCMO

- Kansas City, MO Bullet Time: Man hurt after shots fired at car pulling into driveway

- Jeff City Feeding Frenzy: Freebies flow at Missouri Capitol; pols accept more than $600k from lobbyists

- Sunflower State Obamacare Disaster: Surprise Halt To Kansas Health Homes Program Dismays Medicaid Providers

- Show-Me Nursing Consequence: Supreme Court ruling could affect fees for Missouri union of home health care workers

- Naming The Dead: Kansas City homicide victim identified

- Local Crime Travels: KCK man accused of robbing credit union in Lawrence

- Show-me The Latest Election Ruling: Missouri judge strikes down challenge to August ballot questions

- Internets Voting Finally Pays Off: Gordon Parks charter school awarded $20,000 for playground with help of KC votes

- Traffic Jam Weekend: KCMO Race Affects Ward Parkway Center Area Traffic on Friday

- Kansas City Strip Mall Scheme: $87.6M Truman's Marketplace project will commence

- Doggie Celebrity: Dog rescued from dog-fighting ring arrives in KC area

- Kansas City Doggie Steps: Video: Pit bull dances with human partner

- Cowtown Money Maters: Two KC-area investment advisers rank among best in U.S.

- Tasty MUST SEE Link Of The Day: Rabbi out to prove kosher barbecue can beat the competition

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Anonymous said...

Carmen is still



Anonymous said...

Looks like the gunfire has already started for the 4th.

Anonymous said...

Doofus. Where do you think you live?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like an "obamacare disaster" to me.

Looks like another Brownback regime disaster.

New program to assist the poor and helpless with home care, shut down a day before it was to begin.

This is classic Republican behavior. Even though lots of white people are the victims, they are poor and sick. Normall targets of Republican evil.

Anonymous said...

"Obamacare" IS a disaster no matter the context of the story.

Anonymous said...

Pic #2 Caption:

Carmen Electra takes mercy on a couple of hungry cocks.