Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Caitlin And The Kansas City Roundup Tonight

Caitlin O'Connor and her hottie bikini pix capture imagination for tonight . . .

- Local Lady Activism Tonight: Mothers in Charge rally to stop Kansas City gun violence . . . Somewhat Related: Anti-violence circus coming to KC

- Tragedy On A Kansas City Street: Twelve-year old boy struck by car

- Golden Ghetto Swimming With Pervs: Police serve warning following reports of man secretly videotaping at local pool

- Show-Me Bad Luck And Losing Streak: Nixon orders review of Missouri Lottery operations

- TKC Blog Community Told You First: Fired church worker supported by 30K in petition

- Catholic Crackdown: Judge To Rule In Breach Of Contract Suit Against Diocese

- Help Identify This Kansas City Crook: Cricket store Robbery Video at 3201 Prospect

- Golden Ghetto Creatures Return: Gnomes move back to Overland Park

- New Kangaroo In Charge: UMKC Med School Chooses New Dean

- Kansas City Comeback: Royals win rubber game and series from White Sox

- Rock Chalk Life-Saving Tech: KU Hospital uses robot to treat people remotely

- Zombie Lady Appreciation: Woman thanks heroes who helped bring her back to life two years ago

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Caitlin And The CK Roundup

Anonymous said...

Ass backwards isn's so bad for this blond.

Anonymous said...

So in Lenexa Google Glass is illegal?

You're in the public deal with it you assholes or stay the fuck home.

Also he wasn't hiding in the women's locker room and was doing in front of his family, you fucking soccer moms need to get your heads out of your asses

Anonymous said...

Well I took kids to pool in OP this past weekend and there are no signs saying no cameras as you walk in.

Anonymous said...

Fucking cunt I saw on news probably pissed she wasn't getting filmed

Equal Rights My Ass said...

So does this mean we can't take a phone in?

Anonymous said...

A gay hipster named P B Hunter was arrested at Black Bob Bay in Olathe for secretly video taping young boys. A search of P B Hunters vehicle revealed several Pee Wee Herman blow up dolls, 31 pair of size 18 womens panties, a box of tampons and 353 gay transexual cd's along with a case of Exlax.

Anonymous said...

Stop the violence rally by Black people who live in the suburbs. Somewhere along the way, Black people with money have been taught to look down on Black people without money. Worst kind of people there are... self-hating Blacks. This group has so many problems. Genocide may be the best option.