Monday, July 14, 2014

Amy Willerton And The Kansas City Links

Amy Willteron and her international bikini hotness starts our look at Kansas City mainstream media links right now . . . Check it:

- Kansas City Showdown: KCMO police in standoff in Waldo neighborhood

- About Time For Payback: Kansas restarts paying tax refunds

- Kansas City Street Life: Police close westbound lanes of I-70 in “felony chase”

- Outbreak Aftermath: Kansas Health Officials Hope To Contain Measles Outbreak

- Show-Me Another Not-So-Secret Killing: John Middleton, scheduled for execution on Wednesday in Missouri, says he's innocent

- Gov. Jay And The Vapors: Nixon snuffs out e-cigarette legislation

- Retirement Home Crowd Collected For Visiting GOP Big Shots: Crowd Waits for Gov. Brownback & Rick Santorum in Olathe

- Flyover County Quotes: Tell KCUR: What Does It Mean To Be A Midwesterner In 5 Words Or Less?

- Show-me Weed Remedy: Nixon signs bill to legalize cannabis extract for some patients

- Lesson In The Latino Future: Surge in Hispanic births pushes Kansas school growth

- Sunflower State Democracy Reminder: Tuesday Is Last Day To Register To Vote In Kansas Primaries

- Rare Local Happy Ending: Missing Kansas City man found safe

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


P Bear said...

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Brownback/Santorum event in Olathe should be

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KCUR for liberal nigger cocksuckers said...

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Anonymous said...

Kansas City Showdown: KCMO police in standoff in Waldo neighborhood

2 niggers surrender and in custody

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Anonymous said...

Ha, ha! Crowd waits for Santorum in Olathe, what a joke! See a real live presidential loser!