Monday, July 28, 2014


Alice Goodwin in various states of undress inspires this afternoon collection of Kansas City mainstream media links that are important right now.

Take a look:

- Chaos Inside The Loop: KC tightens parking restrictions downtown

- Pitch Wants To Inspire Faux Debate: Is it time to close the gates on Cliff Drive permanently?

- City Hall Hates Your Babies: Child hit by city truck in KC parking lot

- Glam Story About Our City Hall Leader: Sly James talks attitude and action

- KCK Capture: Home invasion suspects in custody after fleeing police

- Show-Me More Campaign Cash: Sen. McCaskill gives $240K to Missouri Democrats

- Midwest Medical Industrial Complex Deal: Carondelet plans to sell KC hospitals to Prime Healthcare

- It's All Happy Prez Coverage From Print Media: Obama to meet letter writers in Kansas City

- New York time: Royals Approach Their Destiny in Fits and Starts

- Local Lady Coverage: Lady with purple hair loved by many who frequent her drive-through window

- Making Nice Movies: CinemaKC Presents Free Animated Classics at Crown Center

- Cowtown Illustration: PHOTOS: A Kansas City Graffiti Writer's Work

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

The tv coverage of the home invasion story, is absolutely pathetic. They are so terrified that they might inadvertently offend some nigger, that they dance around identifying the captured suspects. Are we that afraid of niggers?? Not all of us are...

Anonymous said...

"Carondelet plans to sell KC hospitals to Prime Healthcare"

Anything that keeps medical care out of the hands of HCA is good news for KC

Anonymous said...

Alice Goodwin? Never heard of him.

Anonymous said...

Buck Ofama

Anonymous said...

Prime's no great shakes--questionable billing practices and profit driven staffing decisions.