Monday, July 07, 2014

Academie Lafayette Sparks Kansas City Blogger Hope For Brookside Property Values

Inside Brookside blogs a bit of optimistic perspective on the new Academie Lafayette and KC Public Schools partnership that boots most of the minority kids out of the neighborhood: "A successful, well-maintained and respected public school in the heart of Brookside could raise property values and keep families in the neighborhood long term."


Da Negros In Brookside said...

Property values will continue to brookslide down, down, down, as Kansas City becomes the Detroit of the plains.

Anonymous said...

Sez a rube who doesn't know anything about property value, brookside, kc or Detroit.

Property values have been rising unabated in brookside for 25 years, you idiot troll.

Unlike anywhere in joco.

Brookside is basically the soundest real estate investment in the metro.

Anonymous said...

Taxed-to-death Brookside.

No Thanks.

KC is an insolvent shithole run by criminals.

The Future of Kansas City said...


Brookside in a few years said...

KC is crumbling.

Brokeslide said...

KC's Broke Slide To Ruins
Choo! Choo! All Aboard!