Wednesday, June 18, 2014


TKC NOTE: By the looks of the campaign signs, Frank White is running for baseball. Meanwhile, contender and former fire dude Sherwood Smith is attempting to win this contest by overcoming his name recognition disadvantage and trying to talk about local issues. Here's a follow-up to our breaking news of the CCP endorsement . . .


Progressive group backs Smith for his commitment to equality, plan for targeted economic development

Kansas City, MO – Today, on the heels of two startling reports concerning Jackson County’s inequality and slowing economic growth, the Committee for County Progress endorsed Sherwood Smith in the August 5th Jackson County Primary Election.

“Jackson County can no longer afford to ignore its stark inequality and the clear causes of its racial and socio-economic divisions,” said Phil Glynn, Vice President of Economic

Development of Travois and President of the Committee for County Progress (CCP). “Sherwood Smith earned the CCP’s endorsement because he understands deeply the causes of our poverty and has committed his life, career, and candidacy to fighting for a prosperity that touches all of us, not just some of us.”

“Sherwood will leverage our county’s economic incentives to help plan and target growth,” noted Glynn. “That’s why he has earned our support, and that’s how he will help Jackson County families join the middle class again and earn living, dignified wages.”

“Fighting our economic mobility crisis, our poverty, and our divisions will be my obsessive focus as County Legislator as it has been throughout my career,” said Smith.

“Since announcing my candidacy, I have committed to the fiscally smart work of stopping unnecessary corporate tax breaks and handouts. I can make incentives work for all of us, not just some, by following the lead of and supporting Advance KC, revisiting and implementing a targeted growth plan for county incentives and eco-devo tools.”

“It’s time for a long-term, targeted plan for our county’s economic development programs,” Smith noted. “We have the power to encourage development while supporting an economy of inclusion and equal opportunity. The questions is not why shouldn’t we, it’s why haven’t we used this power to prioritize poverty? I will.”

Last week’s MARC report on Kansas City’s comparative economic growth notes, “[a]verage hourly wages for about 7 in 10 area workers are declining at an inflation-adjusted 5.2 percent a year, and median household income shrank by about 11 percent over the past decade.” Amongst its policy recommendations, MARC supports dropping “fragmented, uncoordinated” economic development, favoring “a shared plan that focuses on the area’s existing industry strengths.”

In his special project for the Star on Economic Mobility, columnist Dave Helling cites only a 7% chance a Kansas City child will move from the bottom fifth of income to the top fifth in his or her lifetime. According to Helling, Kansas City ranks 13th nationally on a list of the most income-segregated cities in the U.S.. Likewise, MARC argued “educational achievement gaps, ‘especially among blacks and Hispanics,’...contribute to higher income inequality...and threaten the region’s ability to field an educated workforce.”

Smith is one of two Democrats running in the August 5th primary election for the Jackson County Legislature, First District At-Large. The First District At-Large seat was previously held by Theresa Garza Ruiz, who also endorsed Smith after she decided not to seek reelection. The CCP joins Garza Ruiz, Attorney General Chris Koster, and a host of other elected officials and community leaders, including U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, in endorsing Smith.

As Jackson County Legislator, Sherwood will fight for economic dignity and ensure that our tax dollars promote local businesses and fair labor practices. Sherwood will promote an economic agenda aimed at helping workers by promoting and attracting long-term jobs with higher wages. Sherwood will do the fiscally smart work of stopping unnecessary corporate tax breaks and handouts, making sure that county incentives work for all of us, not just for some of us. Detailed information about Sherwood’s campaign and background can be found at



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Anonymous said...

Instead of getting in line and joining the rest of the political gang to see who can give the most taxpayer money away to "developers", why doesn't he commit to spending enough time to at least try to fix just ONE dysfunctional part of JaCo government, namely the hoelessly screwed up assessment and tax system?
You know..actually running to serve on the GOVERNING BODY of the county instead of yet another amateur developer wannabee with someone else's money.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kansas City and Jackson County do not have enough Negros in office, we need more.

P Bear said...

Sherwood appears to be very black.

P Bear said...
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Anonymous said...

aka "blue gum "

Anonymous said...

Good luck Sherwin!

cmltn42 said...

Local 42 is losing power Freedom Inc is regaining lost power follow the money Follow the d\group who is regaining and the one losing vote for neither group and you will be close to right

Anonymous said...

Sherwood dedicated his life to poverty? LOL How many pay raises did he get while County employees got none? How much money did he pocket from Firefighter families?

That guy is fighting poverty alright..his own poverty as he seeks another taxpayer provided pension.

I'll vote for his opponent thank you.