Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Consider this good or bad news . . . Local neighborhood activists are FINALLY offered an opportunity to get paid amid the Kansas City Toy Train streetcar frenzy.

To wit . . .


Astute description from an AWESOME TKC TIPSTER . . .

"This is merely Burns and Mac using City money for electioneering . . . City pays B and M. B and M pays Hall and Associates... and so it goes..."

Here's the notice and maybe a glimmer of hope . . . If they're finally paying local neighborhood people to push this monstrosity, then the money raiding party is already over . . . And these are just the scraps that weren't suitable for corporate power players and consultant bottom feeders.

Check it:

Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Outreach Job Notice

Dear Neighborhood Leader:

Scott Hall & Associates in partnership with Parson & Associates is conducting community outreach, regarding Phase II expansion of the Streetcar system, this is being done on behalf of Burns & McDonnell Engineering Firm. The goal of this outreach is to provide basic information about the streetcar and document feedback of residents living in close proximity to the proposed corridors of:

1. Linwood: Main to Prospect
2. Independence: Benton to Cherry
3. Main: Pershing to 52nd

It is not our goal to persuade but to provide baseline information, collect and document feedback. This will take place during the months of July and October using two primary methods:

· Door to Door Engagement of Residents

· Meetings with businesses, neighborhood associations, community, civic and religious groups

We need your assistance in referring residents from your neighborhood/organization (preferably who live in close proximity to one of the proposed corridors below). Individuals you refer will have the opportunity to become a Neighborhood Liaison Door to Door Street Team (NLD2D) members. They will provide the core door to door team with insight on the character and culture of the neighborhood. This person must have interest, be available and skilled in engaging and obtaining information from others. Below is a list of requirements needed that are associated with the Neighborhood Liaison Door to Door (NLD2D) contract position:

1. Participate in 12 hours of orientation and training over the course of two days in early July (exact days are still to be determined)

2. Available to work 25 to 35 hours a week; Mon - Saturday; (there may be an occasional Sunday)

o late June, all of July and October 2014

o between the hours of 3:00 PM to 8:30 PM Monday - Friday; 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Saturdays; (If Sundays are needed:3:00 PM to 7:00 PM)

o Has reliable transportation to and from the area of 18th and Vine (the Lincoln Building will be the headquarters of the street team)

3. Willing to wear clothing associated with outreach (t-shirt; vest, etc.)

4. Can memorize and recite key information about the streetcar

5. Ability to enter information electronically on I-pad, lap top or other electronic device

6. Can read at a 12th grade level or higher, discuss, ask and answer questions about what has been read

7. Ability to comfortably walk (sometimes in warm, hot, humid, damp weather);

o carrying 2 to 4 pounds of paper and/or electronic material

o for 1.5 to 2 hours (before a break)

o from door to door in residential and business areas

8. Have a heart for listening to the concerns of others without being judgmental.

The NLD2D position is a contract position paying $10.00/hour with no benefits. Being referred does not guarantee hire and preference will be given to applicants who live on or near one of the proposed corridors.

Before June 19th please refer me or forward this to neighborhood residents with the interest and abilities listed above. I can be reached at #########. I would also appreciate you forwarding this e-mail to other neighborhood associations that would have an interest in being supportive of others seeking short term temporary contract work. I can be reached at ##############. Please click on reply all and let me know you received this correspondence. Thank you so much! You may receive a follow up call from me.

Twana Scott
Scott Hall & Associates
Community Revitalization, Residential Real Estate & Training Consultants


Anonymous said...

And so it goes . . . is right.

Anonymous said...

Personally, if it comes with Obamacare, I'm in

Go For KC said...

Kind of pessimistic dude. What you're really doing is PROVING that the streetcar is creating jobs.

Even better, we're creating jobs in economically depressed areas.

That's not bad news, it's good news.

Anonymous said...

Different day, same old news.

Where we can read the Hood Bear espouse supremacy.

Where we can read the cum rape guy's disrespect for women.

Where Tonys bitches can express bromance for hate.

Tonys TKC. Something for everyone.

Cheeba said...

But you keep coming back complaining for more? Dude you are crazy.

Me, I don't want to work for the train. Too much fighting and I don't want to be a part of something that endangers cyclists.

Anonymous said...

Never interfere when the toy train folks are making mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Never interfere when the toy train folks are making mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Are some of the B&M people part of Russ Johnsons 50 person goon enforcer squad?

Anonymous said...

Yes, but I can't get Tony to retrieve carts in the lot while he's dicking around on his website.

Anonymous said...









We only have 20K dollar of outsider cash and bad video productions skillZ!

Not fair!

They have to have my permission to do this!

I am a white man and I have the internet and a fuck off job plus not much information!

Repsect MY OPINION hipster fag young people blacks!

Stop this toy or I'll say boondoggle 600000000000 more times!

ITS NOT FAIR when I don't like it!

Anonymous said...

C'mon. The worst-kept secret in town is that you're on Patsy's Snow-Me Institute payroll.

Anonymous said...

"Grassroots opposition" :

click to enlarge

SmartKC, a political action committee started by anti-streetcar attorney Sherry DeJanes, got a $20,000 check in the mail from Missourians for Responsible Government.

DeJanes tried to keep the August streetcar election off the ballot.

Missourians for Responsible Government is a political committee run by the Show-Me Institute's Patrick Tuohey. The Show-Me Institute's president is St. Louis billionaire Rex Sinquefield, a godfather of libertarian and anti-income-tax causes in Missouri.


Anonymous said...

I just can't wait until Rex funds an awesome mailer and tv ads that show to the population of KC what an incredibly shitty idea this streetcar is.

This will be shot down with the same percentage split as the regressive health care tax. And with the transportation state-wide sales tax issue.

This hare-brained streetcar idea might have worked in 2007, but this is 2014, and many are still reeling from either losing their ass financially, or almost losing it, in the Great Recession. And those memories are very vivid to many voters.

Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Social Security Tax, Medicare Tax, KC 1% earnings tax, zoo tax, P&L Tax, City infrastructure tax, it goes on and on and on. How much of your dollar is left after these taxes have eaten it all? Are you unhappy with that number? Then vote against any new tax - governments have plenty of money with all these taxes; the problem is that the money is not being spent on valid, public interest items.

P Bear said...

Hmmmmm. Toy Train paying off community GRIFTERS. Imagine that.

Black Reverends are lined up at the trough for taxpayer monkeys trying to peel a banana.

I bet Freedom's new directors have their greasy palms out....

BTW: Does that come with a free Obamaphone and a EBT card ?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure uncle rexroths hit peice will be awesome and will really sway public opinion, especially if the YouTube video is any indication if their level of sophistication in the kc show me camp. Lol.

It worked so well to kill the etax...

Too bad the firemen are hitching their horse to this wagon. It will probably backfire and the teabag gets will vote down their tax increase too.

Anonymous said...

This is blatantly illegal, using tax dollars to influence the outcome of an election. Some may say "so what's new?", but it's time for someone like the prosecutor or attorney general to investigate and prosecute.

Anonymous said...

This is blatantly illegal, using tax dollars to influence the outcome of an election. Some may say "so what's new?", but it's time for someone like the prosecutor or attorney general to investigate and prosecute.

Anonymous said...

That video pretty much explains why all we get from the streetcar cabal-gestapo is a low-order of wishful and clownish group-think in the public forums and pro toy train media. Behind closed doors is another story. In the video people get a chance to see these lowlifes in action.

Greedo said...

This train is a disaster. shame on these people for actively promoting it over the city's other needs.

Anonymous said...

No surprises here. Just the latest demonstration of the lack of respect, disdain, and even contempt that the insiders who use the KCMO general fund as their own personal ATM machine and their city hall toadies have for the residents and businesses in the city, especially those folks who live on the east side.
And yet another demonstration of how easy it is to get "community acitivists" to sell out their neighbors for a few bucks stuffed in a paper bag.
But the return-on-investment for the old 1960s grifter approach to east side elections has been getting worse and worse for years.
After this issue fails, it will be interesting to see what the cost per vote this money was wasted on.
60s tactics in 2014.
The innovation capital of the world!

Anonymous said...

4:03 (1) and (2) and 4:19: And here you are again, Mensa boy, with the inanities, incoherence, and ad hominem attacks. And they're working sooooo well.

Anonymous said...

Ah Cindy Circo and Burns and Mac. Was this what they were doing at that last thing recruiting streetcar pushers?

Anonymous said...

Who cares... nobody will be alive when the bill comes due. I got no kids,,,,, Like Tony.

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks that this kind of cash giveaway is "creating jobs", they should start a nonprofit that gets government money to pay some people to dig holes and others to fill them in.
Oh wait! We already have Aim4Peace.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for sale just like the crooks at City Hall.

Anonymous said...

Now we know why they gave Burns and Mac the 4 million dollar street car study gig before the vote. Shameless, jan and Cindy should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

$685,000 to this Scott Hall and Jason Parsons & Associates for canvassing? Wow. That may be the biggest waste of money since the city approved ___(fill in the blank)_.

Anonymous said...

Cindy's soccer fields

Anonymous said...

Cindy's soccer fields

Anonymous said...

Cindy's soccer fields

Anonymous said...

15k for Brooks to bring in maryweather

Anonymous said...

Why is Burns and Macdonald so interested in this Toy Train? Are they going to be the firm that gets the retainer as the engineering company who will work with the private owners who buy this Toot Toot when we get it all bought and paid for?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Burns and McDonnell are the firm that will get paid millions to provide the engineering. They are also the Billion dollar engineering firm the City just gave 40 million in tax abatement to, for their expanded headquarters at Wornall and Bannister.