Monday, June 09, 2014

The Kansas City Rainy Night Link Pool

Jordan Carver highlights our link look for tonight . . . OR . . . A flood of links for the flooding night . . .

- Today's Kansas City Lesson In Lacking Security: School break-ins prompt alert app

- Kansas City Helping Hand: New help on the way for local homeless veterans

- Local Conviction: : DNA links Kansas City man to 2012 assault and rape

- Downpour Nice News: Recent rain has been good for gardeners

- Northland Kansas City Gas Rage: Motorists fuming after fueling up with faulty gas from Sam’s Club location

- Human Interest For A Change: Kids Cafe program feeds hungry children

- Global Climate Change And The Local Food Supply: Kansas wheat crop forecasts are a shocker

- Badge Of Dishonor: Van gets stolen with medical records, could keep boy scouts from attending camp

- Phelps Klan Coverage From Dead Tree Media: Westboro Baptist protest of gay principal backfires

- Aftermath: Family of boy injured in lawnmower accident finds strength in faith

- Golden Ghetto Doesn't Know Good Food: Garozzo's to close Olathe location

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Olathe is a very strange place. It's the most conservative place I've ever been. Churches on every corner, especially the West side. That said, I'm not surprised the Garozzo's didn't make it there. This is a place where Jose Peppers and Olive Garden are considered the height of fine dining. Sucks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your memory is of olden times. Olathe has become a pretty good eatin' town.

Olathe now has one of the area's best Southeast Asian groceries and Thai cafes (Asian Food Market on Chester St.) and Latino supermarkets and taquerias (Bonita Michoacan on East Santa Fe) in the metro. Also one of the best Mexican pastry shops (San Luis Bakery on East Santa Fe). And the best Sichuanese restaurant in the metro, Szechuan Dynasty on Strang Line.

Anonymous said...

I love Italian cooking but Garozzo's red sauce was mediocre.