Friday, June 06, 2014

Steve-O Visits Stanfords This Weekend!!!

TKC NOTE: Here's some good news from our pal Craig on his big weekend . . .

Stanfords On The Move
Superstar Steve O First KC Appearance at Stanfords This Weekend

This past year Stanford & Sons at the Legends has had more than it’s share of huge name comedy stars. First time ever to Kansas City Chris Tucker headed the list of difficult to get comedy club stars. What was nice about Tucker was that his show was off the chain, even better than we expected. Other unique names to the club this past year included Tom Arnold, Louie Anderson, Carlos Mencia, TJ Miller and Chris Kattan. This week marching to that same beat comedy and prankster superstar, Steve 0 from Jackass.
Steve O has now been doing stand up for 8 years. The guy had never been in this market before now. Steve O had become a household name due to his starring for four years on the MTV show ‘Jackass’ with Johnny Knoxville, followed by starring in 3 out of 4 Jackass Movies, ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and MTV’s ‘Wildboyz’. Today Steve is cleaning up at both A clubs and theaters not only in America but all over the world.

Steve O is legendary for doing so many dangerous pranks and stunts that you can only name a few or you’d be writing them all day long. Everything from being attacked in a tight water tank by man eating sharks to being thrown out of hotel windows landing on water balloons which provided just enough cushion to break the fall. His live comedy show is built around hilarious stories about his life starting with sex and drugs all the way to pranks that didn’t work out and left him badly injured.

His most recent run-in with celebrity insanity happened when he appeared on Comedy Central’s Roast of Charlie Sheen where he ran headlong into Mike Tyson’s fist knocking himself out primarily because Sheen dared him to do it.

Of course, like most young celebrities in Hollywood, like one of his best friends Charlie Sheen he fell prey to substance abuse and too many late nights and too many women. Sound familiar? To Steve O’s credit he went clean and sober six years ago and also became a vegan. His new diet and clean and sober lifestyle has led him to becoming ultra-responsible, professional and on-time above and beyond most celebrity acts. Steve O makes a point to stay after each show, hang out with his fans and sign autographs, take pictures, the whole nine yards. His show Thursday night rocked the house where he did stand up comedy and pranks, but the close of his show is one of the most shocking live stunts you will ever see. If you are a fan of Steve O and Jackass you will love the show and be glad you made the trip.

On a bittersweet note, after entering our 9th year at Legends Stanfords has decided to move the club to the hottest part of Kansas City, Johnson County. Stanford & Sons Comedy Club and Restaurant will open at 119th and Metcalf in Rosanna Square. Comedy Theater and Restaurant will be next door to four of KC’s hottest nightclubs in One Block South including Kanza Hall and Fuel. Phase I will open in mid-August which will include the comedy club and restaurant/bar. Phase II will open later this fall including a semi-enclosed patio similar to Fuel and a late night cocktail lounge with additional space.

Stanfords appreciated its time at Legends but with the lack of growth of the population of KCK and Legends becoming a family shopping area focused on family entertainment, Stanfords pretty much became the Lone Ranger of adult entertainment inside the shopping center itself. We will miss the gorgeous comedy theater itself which likely will never be duplicated. We are simply going to where the people are and where more discretionary dollars exist which is South Johnson County. This also eliminates the long highway drive to and from the Legends for most of our customers who live out south or in Kansas City, MO. We are planning for a ferocious opening line up of comedy talent. Stay tuned for more information as the opening gets near. In the meantime we will continue a great line up at Legends up until the beginning of July which includes Steve O this weekend, Kevin Hart’s co-star in ‘The Wedding Ringers’ Colin Kane next week, Ali Wong who starred in ABC’s ‘Are you there, Chelsea?’ and now has her own show on ABC, Chippendales ‘Faces of Playgirl’ June 17th and 18th and finally Jim Jeffries co-star in ‘Legit’ and his own top-rated podcast ‘Talking Shit’ Eddie Ifft.

For tickets or more information call (913)400-7500 or visit


crickets said...

chirp chirp

Anonymous said...

Huge name comedy stars? Like Eddy Murphy? No Like Steve Martin? No Like Joan Rivers? No Like Seinfeld? No Boll Murray, John Candy or Dan Aykroyd? No The 3 Stooges tribute act from Haysville, KS? No Yakov from Branson? No I give up............

Neil Hamburger said...

Not if you fucking paid me to go.

P Bear said...

Thunderstorm tomorrow, maybe it will wash

some of this shit out of Killa City.

Steve O, stunt suggestion. Go over to that big ass waterslide, go down in and ram a giant dildo up your ass at the bottom. Glazer can run the camera with one hand and hold the dildo with the other.

Anonymous said...

Steveo saw you on Fox 4. You are insane man. Have a great weekend in KC.

Anonymous said...

Steveo... Idiot
Glazer... Snitch.

Anonymous said...

Glazer going to OP with the business I say one year and OP cops will have busted and shut the place down.

Anonymous said...

Glazer rocks baby