Sunday, June 15, 2014


Appropriate for Sunday . . . A look at the aftermath of Missouri legal battle where Christianity preference was part of the settlement sacrifice . . .

Missouri School Restricts Religious Activities After Atheist Prayer Complaint


"Fayette High School, located in mid-Missouri, recently reached a settlement decree with the American Humanist Association, which filed a lawsuit against the school back in November 2013. The lawsuit alleged that the school district had violated the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment by showing favoritism to Christianity. The lawsuit argued that Fayette's former math teacher, Gwen Pope, participated in a weekly, Christian-themed prayer with her students in her classroom. Additionally, it alleged that such prayer meetings were announced on the school intercom by former Principal Darren Rapert, and the prayer gatherings were allowed to meet before school, even though other student-led clubs did not have the same privilege.

"The agreement reached between Fayette High School and the American Humanist Association states that the school will amend its 2014 Student Teacher Handbook to explicitly outline the rules dictating a separation of church and state at public schools. The handbook will clearly state when student groups can meet and how teachers may participate in student-led religious expression.

"The Fayette R-III School District shall be permanently enjoined from promoting prayer or religious activity as prohibited by the First Amendment," reads the decree.

"Additionally, defendants in the case must pay $41,000 in legal fees to the American Humanist Association and its lawyers."

Read the article in its entirety . . . And then take a moment to consider why fewer people are putting their faith in American public education every year in Kansas City and throughout the nation.


Anonymous said...

We need to change the system so that it is the childbearers and not the tax payers that pay for these fucking schools. I'm a single adult. Who gives me a hand out? Fucking no one, but let me whip out a few bastard kids and its schools, means, job training, medical, food stamps and more. These fucking kids cost us more than ALL Drug addicts in history and all you get for the tax money you, work your ass off to pay, is some disrespectful fucking rug rat walking across your lawn and every shopping area in town full of punk thugs.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can be sued. These atheists can also be sued just like anyone else. Cost them time and money just like they do.

Anonymous said...

Thank gawd and the flying spaghetti monster! Wish it was abolished anywhere the rest of us would be subjected to hearing the bs.

Anonymous said...

My uncle debates local atheists and has been smeared and libeled.

He has a lawsuit planned for a couple of groups and it should hit the courts and the end of July.

Stay tuned.