Saturday, June 14, 2014


Here's an important detail that's buried amid an encouraging story about grassroots activism to find justice in a Kansas City homicide case.

To wit . . .


Fox4: Group forges effort to bring closure to unsolved murders, one street corner at a time

Sadly, ya gotta go six graphs down in order to learn that it's the Nation of Islam that's collaborating on the effort . . . Which is strange because there's really nothing to hide in this story about local anti-crime activism.

The reality here is that in the urban core there are many groups working against crime and these are just two more . . . It's also important to note the controversy surrounding the Nation Of Islam on a national level amid several instances of antisemitism.

But, again . . . The most important thing to realize is that THIS is how the fight against crime on local streets really looks in terms of the non-profit and religious scene.

Developing . . .


Blaz Tavers, local gadfly said...

Even the bow-tied cunts have a better logo than the Paris of the Plains.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, contact your friendly Nation Of Islam represeentative for information.

"America must be burned” – Louis Farrakhan, 2008

“By devil, we mean the Caucasian people” – Louis Farrakhan, 1989

The Nation of Islam [NOI] is a large religious cult that forms the core of the American “Black Power” movement. They own several large properties that serve as regional headquarters. They run numerous Mosques and businesses around the nation. They even have several black only private schools that receive taxpayer support. Prior to the US war on Libya, they had a major foreign sponsor. The man whom Obama describes as his “mentor” is closely tied to the group. Major black celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Dave Chapelle are members.

The NOI was founded by Wallace Fard. He was born in Hawaii to a white father and a Hawaiian Native mother. He was also a convicted drug dealer. He started the NOI in Detroit in 1929 and claimed to be a prophet of Allah. He vanished in 1934, and was never seen again.

Elijah Muhammad took over the NOI. He “revealed” to followers that Wallace Fard had been Allah, and that Fard had left in a space ship. Today the NOI teaches that Fard was the “Grand Mahdi” of Islam and was “all knowing.” Fard, according to NOI, was “an Arab from Mecca.” NOI teaches that Elijah Muhammad was a prophet of Allah.

Muhammad wrote several books, which the NOI treats as holy books. His book Message to the Black Man explains the origin of the races. The entire book can be read online.

It says that black people were building space ships before the creation of white people.
White people were created by an evil wizard 6,000 years ago.
White people are literally devils and demons.
Monkeys, Dogs, and Swine are descended from white people.
Black people taught white people how to walk on two legs and be civilized.
White people have tormented black people relentlessly since their creation.

Elijah Muhammad also wrote Fall of America. This book details an apocalyptic race war. Muhammad says that Allah will burn America with fire and the white race will be exterminated from North America. He says that eventually all white people will be exterminated from the earth." said...

A message from the LEADER.

Louis Farrakahn

Anonymous said...

You're right that there are many east side groups "working against crime and violence" on the east side.
There are also endless nonprofit groups funded through COMBAT and other sources which spend tens of millions of dollars every year.
Unfortunately none of these folks stress responsibility, decent behavior, neighborhood unity, responsible reporting of suspicious activity or crimes, or cooperating with the police.
So year after year and millions after millions, the results are the same.
And no one has the guts to stick the broomstick in the spokes of the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Nigger muslims are dangerous indeed. In fact, nigger anythings are dangerous indeed. Stupid, lazy and worthless, but still dangerous.

chuck said...

One of the weirdest phenomenons in the world, to me, is seeing millions of black people convert to Islam. What the fuck? The greatest, most profitable and vicious slave traders in history, to this date (I say that, becasue Arab Slave Traders STILL exist and make bank on Black Africans at this very moment.), are Islamic of origin. Always, always have been. Arabs make NO pretense of their scorn and contempt of blacks, yet idiot black people can't wait to put on that stupid fucking bow tie.

Lemme ask ya something dumbfucks. Who are teh Janjaweed?

Oh yeah, that would be the Islamic fucks who are clearing out the Sudan by way of black genocide.

Idiot fucks.

cml said...

Blacks in Arab countries suffer the status of 4th rate citizens on a good day. On a bad day they just kill them.

P Bear said...

Never have liked the "Dune Coons" much CML...

but after reading your post, my opinion moved

a notch in their favor. Just a notch mind you.

Praise The Lord And Pass The Plate said...

There is no such thing as a religious non profit on the east side. Every one of those government and congregation funded saviors has fancy rides, nice homes, and flashy clothes while their sheep wallow in crime and despair. Why these people are pissed off at everybody else is beyond me. The first person stealing from them is their preacher.

Anonymous said...

Black people should consider going off the grid, even in an urban environment and adopting the attitude: who needs White people. The Nation of Islam has shown a path but their theology and historical ideas are too much for most Black people but their methods are worth studying. Over the past forty years, many Black people have chosen a voluntary type of segregation and that would good if the purpose was self-sufficiency but the result has been an increased dependency on government (the man). Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour, an early member of the Black Panthers, is the author of the book Betrayal By Any Other Name where he alleges that the White Power establishment has created social welfare to destroy the Black family and to commit a silent genocide through the increase crime brought about by the destruction of the Black family and their community. The White Power Establishment purposely created this situations through public policy that causes (encourages) the growth and spreading of crime in the black community. He believes that the chaos this will cause will give the white power establishment the justification it needs to begin widespread genocide against the Black people and this justification will be acceptable to other countries. He does not expect the Black Establishment to stop this since they have sold out (betrayed) their people to White Power Establishment

He might have something there. With the spread of Hip Hop culture and the spread of prison culture into the general Back community devastated by unemployment cause by the same politicians shipping jobs overseas, crime and violence (homicides) have increased. When this violence has spills out into White neighborhoods White people will demand that their politicians restore law and order by any means. To avoid that day, Black people need to revolt against the thugs in the streets and the thugs they have elected to office.

Nation of Islam didnt they kill malcolm said...

Maybe they'll investigate when their founder had Malcolm x killed. Nope?

Anonymous said...

More hype. More bs. No progress. Same story, different year.

Anonymous said...


Sounds logical, except for the part where white people do anything but kiss black ass until the sun goes fucking Nova.

Anonymous said...


THERE is the crime. Impersonating a "man of the church."

First giveaway upon meeting him is the fact that he's constantly wearing a bluetooth wireless earpiece phone accessory. I'm POSITIVE he's not on a direct line to the Lord.

Comment King said...

Really like 11:48 comment. at least someone is doing some critical thinking.

Anonymous said...

Caldwell and Community United or whatever they are calling themselves today are not the only ones showing The racist NOI some love. Check out the black politicians that hang with them, have them speak and "pray" St events. Truth be told I bet we find out they're bankrolling some of their shenanigans too to get blacks to buy into their "message."

P Bear said...

( The White Power Establishment purposely created this situations through public policy that causes (encourages) the growth and spreading of crime in the black community. He believes that the chaos this will cause will give the white power establishment the justification it needs to begin widespread genocide against the Black people and this justification will be acceptable to other countries.) as quoted by 11:48.

The Polar Bear has read your posting several times since yesterday and I think the above quote is dead on.

If this was "planned", damn brilliant. It is working to the T. As stated by the Dr's in conversation, "the greatest noose around the necks of the Negro, has been WELFARE".

If the "great WHITE establishment" planned to use crime in the hood to destabilize the black community, look at the results. Mission Accomplished right around the corner !

Disclaimer: While the Polar Bear enjoys jousting with the d-bag "intellectuals" that frequent this blog from time to time, the Bear in no way, shape, or form endorses genocide or violence against anyone, other than a drone strike on Westport !

Anonymous said...

Bishop Bear is working hard to fight thought crime. He went to internet pastoral school.