Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shay Mitchell And Kansas City Midday Links

Shay Mitchell and her lingerie hotness starts our afternoon thinking about Kansas City local links . . .

- Give The KCPD A Brake: Motorcycle officer involved in wreck on city’s southside

- Suburbanite Tragedy And Crime: Murder charge filed in Prairie Village traffic death of dance studio owner

- Kansas City Kansas Deadly Run-In: One person dead after van crashes into auto-shop

- Kansas City Deal Down By The River: Port Authority strikes first mixed-use riverfront development deal

- Naming The Dead In The Golden Ghetto: Police identify victim in Overland Park homicide

- Jeff City Slapfighting: Missouri transportation tax draws opposition group

- Sadly, They Won't Be Able To Ride The Toy Train Streetcar Either: Neighbors in south Kansas City are concerned about having to wait longer for firefighters.

- Secret Shame Of Local High-Paid Ladies Revealed: Kansas City's Stay-At-Home Dads Do More Than Stay At Home

- Wal-Mart Welcome In WyCo: Community loses ‘corner store’ because of competition from large grocery stores

- Middle-Of-Nowhere Midwest Relaxation: Kansas, Missouri feel less stressed than other states

- It Seems Nice Across The Bridge: From free splash parks to fancy pools, the Northland has choices for summer fun

- Kansas City Newsie Flirtation: Karli tells Nick he has nice legs

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Nice find. She's Canadian, no wonder she doesn't look mean like most models.

Rope, Tree said...

re: "Murder charge filed in Prairie Village traffic death of dance studio owner"

String that useless piece of shit up from a big fucking tree.
In public.
Let him dance.

Anonymous said...

Another Day, another False Dilemma.

Tonys Johnson County.