Wednesday, June 11, 2014


In an EPIC editorial, Northeast News takes on a controversial Kansas City anti-crime group.


Better than just ranting . . . Northeast News has a solid plan to reduce crime in Kansas City without paying for volunteers . . . WTF???

Check it:

"Dissolve this festering, nepotism ridden excuse for a program and give the former staffers litter bags so they can go pick up trash along the highway. Throwing more cash at this group isn’t going to bring the murder rate down by one soul. What will bring that rate down is effectively arresting and prosecuting bad guys and sending them away to punch plates for a while."

Sounds like a solid strategy but also a wasted opportunity to buy votes . . .

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

If you dissolved every "festering nepotism ridden program" funded out of government, corporations, and foundations in KCMO, you'd save millions of tax dollars and wouldn't see much of an impact, certainly not on violence and murders.
Start with an audit of COMBAT and then go through all the other nonprofits, neighborhood groups, community "activists", ad Hoc, and all the rest, and then take a good look at the cost and effectiveness of NoVa.
As long as there's no real interest in issue like public safety on the part of the elected and appointed folks and therefore no accountability for results or how the money's apent, nothing much is going to change.
And next year there'll be another professor from out of town with a miraculous way to reduce crime without the mayor and council so much as lifting a finger, and a whole new spending stream will begin.
The definition of insanity.

Anonymous said...

3 CHEERS for the author of this succinct wonderful article!!!!

Correctly points out the fallacy which is Aim4Peace, and The Daily Rag (KC Falling Star) which recently wrote favorably of them.

Yep said...

The editorial follows the KISS method: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Direct and correct. Excellent piece.

Coddling bad guys DOES NOT WORK. You have to punch then right between the eyes, metaphorically or literally.

Anonymous said...

Aim for a peace of cash. Gotta love the pretty free money.