Saturday, June 07, 2014

Natasha And The Kansas City Saturday

Natasha Barnard is probably better than most of these Kansas City mainstream media links (that seem to be obsessed with traffic) but they still offer a good look at local events today . . .

- End Of The Hiring Freeze??? Kansas City Is Hiring A "Wellness Coordinator" AIM4Peace Workers, EMS Assistant And A Few Other PR Gigs!!!

- UPDATE: GUNFIRE IN KCK - KCK police investigate shooting near 10th, Washington

- Big Crash In Kansas City's Worst Suburb: 3-vehicle collision injures 2 in Blue Springs

- Healthcare Fallout In The Sunflower State: KanCare Inspector General Resigns Amid Questions

- Tribute To Tough Guy Good Deeds: Biker rallies are big, noisy — and welcome

- KMBC Crazy Talk Looks At Other Mass Shooting Explanations Besides The 2nd Amendment: Mental illness is often discussed in the aftermath of senseless acts of violence by assailants with a history of mental illness.

- One More Local Crash Report: Driver overturns semi on I-35 and Broadway

- Meth Town Killer Lady Allegations: Police: Woman arrested for murder of husband

- The One That Got Away In Kansas City: Police look for people involved in overnight chase

- Show-Me Big Pharma Payout: Missouri to Receive $2 Million in GlaxoSmithKline Settlement

- Another Kind Of Endurance Test Mistake: At Hospital Hill Run, some stop for water; two stop to marry

- Golden Ghetto Crash: Lenexa man killed when pickup truck strikes tree in Shawnee

- Let's Not Forget Downtown Traffic Is Getting HORRIFIC Thanks To The Toy Train Streetcar

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

LOL @ downtown KC "traffic",

Get out a little more, rube.

Temporary and minor inconvenience for a critical amenity to the function and future of downtown.

Anonymous said...

That lady probably did her husband a favor. A divorce would have been much nicer.

Anonymous said...

Pick up artist, gun culture, since of entitlement throw in some psychosis and you got a shooter.