Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lucy Collett And Kansas City Saturday Links

Lucy Collett continues to inspire with her ginger hotness as we compile this Kansas City mainstream media links worth a look.

Check it:

- Celebrate The Kansas City New School Creative Class: Kansas City's next wave of leaders come together at reception

- Prof. Kraske Analysis: Steve Kraske: The most natural, and unnatural, politicians in Missouri and Kansas

- Kansas City Reflects The Endless American Desert Adventures: As tensions escalate in Iraq, fallen soldier’s father recalls son’s life and service

- Show-Me KC Dead Tree Media Hating On Rural Neighbors Too: Is a ‘right to farm’ needed in Missouri?

- Doggie Industrial Complex Propaganda: Iraq War Veteran saves dog hit by car along I-470

- Kansas City Hot Streak Before The Inevitable Implosion: Royals ride hot start to 7-2 victory for fifth straight win

- Golden Ghetto Teaching Moment: Mindy Corporon on a mission to turn tragedy of hate into a message of love

- Kansas City Boozy Good Deeds: Boulevardia packages beer, bands and giving back

- Cowtown Medical Drama: Genetic disease takes life of mother, threatens life of children

- Kansas City Survival Story: Faith, survival skills save woman trapped in car . . . Dad recalls scary day after daughter crashes car and goes unheard from for hours

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LUCY is a downright swine.......MMMOOOOOOOO is dead on !

Anonymous said...

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If you haven't had the company of a woman you can't appreciate Lucy.

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I agree 1:08. If I had a woman like that, I fuck her once a day whether I needed it or not. Women like that don't give you not tonight honey, I am not in the mood. Redhead with big boobs and meat on her bones, now that's a woman!

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Hey Tony, you Gordo fuck. It's called a "hot streak", not "hot steak".
Nor "hot carnita", "hot menudo", or "hot sauce". In your epic hurry to shit on the Royals, your fat ass can't slow down for five seconds to stop thinking about food.

Anonymous said...

3:38 FTW

Anonymous said...

RE: Steve Kraske: The most natural, and unnatural, politicians in Missouri and Kansas

OOOOH WEEEEE!!!!!!! You just knew this one was going to be a stinker from the headline. It has that malodorous stank painted all over a fried baloney sandwich with rotten eggs and limburger cheese.

WOW!!! What a surprise that 3 of the most "natural" politicians Kraske has ever encountered, just happen to currently be in office, and he has to suck up to them in order to get them on his radio program!!!! Dear reader, do you know the definition of "grovel"?

Wait!! It gets better (actually worse)! All 5 of Kraske's most "unnatural" politicians he's ever encountered just happen to be LONG GONE, out-of-office, no repercussion in insulting them now.

Prof. Kraske is currently working on a new book entitled, "When I Was Young I Wanted To Be Like Woodward & Bernstein, But I Ended Up Deepthroating Politicians!"

Anonymous said...

Those are birth in' hips!

The Real News said...

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