Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Leanna Decker And Kansas City Early Links

Leanna Decker starts this Kansas City midweek with this photo gallery hotness as we look over more than a few important morning links . . . Check it:

- Cowtown Irrational Exuberance Reported By KMBZ: Kansas City could finish the year under 100 homicides

- Golden Ghetto Crackdown Aftermath: Results of the Memorial Day Click it or Ticket Campaign

- Admittedly, AG Koster Kicking Telemarketer Booty Helps Everybody: Missouri AG wins first-ever "No-Call List" trial

- Kansas City Food Safety Lessons We'd Rather Not Think About

- KCMO Begging Republicans: Kansas City ready to bring RNC back to Heartland . . . Both ends of political spectrum want KC to land RNC

- Golden Ghetto Going Loco: Mental health focus of new Overland Park police effort

- Morning News Will Mostly Focus On Kansas City Tree Damage

- Royals overcome early deficit, break late tie and beat Cardinals 8-7

- Maybe The Most Important Music Lesson In The Metro: Community invited to join KCKCC Jazz Band in Cuba, Dec. 16-22

- Stories From A Kansas City Drum Circle: Loose Park offers sweet sonic temptations

- KU Employee Learns Rock Chalk Cash Improbability Lesson: Lawrence man claims $2 million Powerball prize

- Kansas City World Cup Watch Party List For Soccer Hipsters

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Anonymous said...

KCMO will have between 102 and 107 homicides again this year and none of the programs drooling to take credit for any reduction even has anything to do with the fact that there are fewer year-to-date in 2014 than 2013.
That was caused by a very cold and snowy February and the pace has picked up dramatically as the weather warmed up.
In fact, if you look at the number of SHOOTINGS that are occurring, would see that if just a small percentage of the non-lethal victims had dies, the murder count would be the same as last year. And it's safe to assume that people aren't shooting each other to wound and the lack of fatalities is caused by bad shots and small calibers.
By this time next year there'll be a brand new "program" that someone has found from out of town and more money will be pouring out the door at city hall, without, of course, discontinuing the current tens of millions funding the current nonprofits, none of which have had any effect on the murder rate.
The most basic step in trying to solve any problem is first you have to care enough to try. And no one at city hall or in leadership on the east side really care as long as folks benefiting from the status quo aren't challenged.
McHale with NoVa will just be the latest fall guy.

Been working this stuff a long time said...

Agree with 6:42.

Nuts in your face............. said...

Soccer hipsters = douche bags that love balls slapping their face...