Saturday, June 07, 2014

Kansas Faked Revenue Shortfall Excuses explains the consequences of coming up hundreds of millions short thanks to economic philospohy disputes . . . "State officials misstated the cause of unexpected drops in tax revenues in April and May, says an economist whose research was cited by the state to dismiss the poor performance as a fluke.

Lucy Dadayan, an economist with the Rockefeller Institute of Government, says the revenue department misrepresented her research about state tax revenue and that Kansas could be forced to make cuts in the near future."

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Anonymous said...

Stupid fucks can't give tax breaks to every business in the state and not expect shortfalls.

You dumbass Kansas voters keep voting against your own interests just like the Show Me morons. See where it will lead you. You, the little guy will be forced into higher taxes to pay for the "business tax breaks" that Mortimer Brownback (Mexican?) laid on you.