Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kansas City Week In Review Right Now

A kind sad week for Kansas City is reflected in this elite newsie chat . . . Check it:

Topics Include:

- Grousing Over GOP Convention 2016 Bid FAIL starts the subdued show

- Tune Out To The Right To Farm

- Clay Chastain Talk And Kansas City Democracy Subversion

- Illegal Electioneering For The Toy Train

- Missouri Tax Break Fight And Freeze

- Missouri Gay Marriage Ban Ruckus Late Questions

- Hope For Rep. Paul Davis Against Gov. Brownback

- Liberty Memorial WWI Designation

A few good jokes but mostly newsies attempting to shake off the Summer doldrums.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

KCPT's current affairs shows are a pathetic joke. Anytime you can hold out Steve Rose as the voice of conservatism or Scott Parks and Dana Wright as journalists because they appear on "News Radio 980 you're gone beyond current affairs into outright fraud. Then throw in a clowns like Dave Helling and Mary O'Halloran to complete the charade and you have the kind of embarassing display that elevates blogs like this to the top of the heap in dispensing news in KC.

Anonymous said...

10:19 FTW Well put!

Anonymous said...

"Elite Newsies"? Pray to God that is a typo

P Bear said...

the Bear took a better looking shit this morning

than Dave Helling !

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bear.