Sunday, June 01, 2014

Kansas City Sunday Night Sneak Peek

It's raining right now and that should watch the bullet casing and blood off local streets.

As we start the new week here's what's on our agenda . . .

Judging by tonight, it's clear the Kansas City gunfire isn't going to stop anytime soon: Police investigate shooting after 2 victims show up at hospital

Slowly, our heroes meet their demise . . .

Goodbye Alice: 'Brady Bunch' actress dies after fall

Back in Kansas City . . .


KSHB: Women search for shooter who killed dog

Still . . . There are nice moments about KCMO as well . . . Here's an overnight clip that features a kinder bit of basement dwelling creativity:  

Isaac | A Kansas City Story

Hopefully, more BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE NEWS, discussion, debate, discourse, more than our share of hateration and all kinds of good stuff coming soon . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Really liked the last video. Nice find.

Anonymous said...

How much money does KC give away this week? That's the real question.

Anonymous said...

KC give away money 50 years at a time.