Friday, June 27, 2014

Kansas City Summertime Child Abuse Spike

Horrific Kansas City trend reported by KCTV5: Children's Mercy seeing a rise in child abuse cases this summer


Anonymous said...

Girls whose daddys spank them hard enough to get a call from DFS rarely become strippers.

Anonymous said...

No surprise. This is a town where at least half the population is white-trash meth zombies and feral ghetto types. Of course there's lots of child abuse.

Anonymous said...

It's just like autism.

There isn't a greater increase, just more awareness.

Doctors are better now at recognizing abuse than they used to be.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but this is because they cut food stamps.

All of this because of no smoking in section 8 housing.

Now look, childrens mercy is very creative and will accuse anyone of anything.

However, if no one knows who your dad is, and mom doesn't have the skills to deal with you, this kinda stuff happens. All the time.