Friday, June 13, 2014


A great many people plan to be watching a new Kansas City police tradition tonight.

Take a look . . .

#kctweetalong is this Friday in East Patrol Division! Full moon, Friday the 13th - should be interesting.

@KCPolice: Be here tomorrow 8 pm - midnight for #kctweetalong in East Patrol Division!

And while we don't want to be ghoulish because these are peoples lives we're talking about . . .

There's no point denying that the KCPD Tweetalong has to be be one of the most interesting bits of social media in Kansas City and a VERY REAL look into life on local streets.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the bangers and thugs will be getting a real kick out of this. Just the latest lame attempt at some social media gimmick instead of addressing a really serious issue in a very difficult part of town in any serious way.
Will a tweet stop a 9mm?

P Bear said...

That would be like watching a constipated dog attempt to take a shit !

Anonymous said...

Remember when NYC did this and it backfired?

Anonymous said...

@KCPolice...suspicious activity reported at the donut shop, I'm responding ASAP.

@KCPolice...bloody naked woman lying in the street...determined she was likely sunbathing...decided not to exit air-conditioned car.

@KCPolice....Reports of a clown at City Hall...suspect is described as obese black male wearing bowtie.

@KCPolice....McDonald's manager reporting psychotic "community activist" harassing customers with a stopwatch.

@KCPolice....white female smoking pot, wearing fingerless gloves, videotaping pedestrians wearing she's with CapBlock?

@KCPolice.....see the man wearing a bad toupee, snorting coke, telling jokes, claims he's immune from all laws because he's Jewish.

@KCPolice....responding to 911 call from man stuck in his mom's basement...was watching porn and has run out of snack cakes!!!!