Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kansas City Movie Night: Let's Celebrate The Very Best Of KSHB's Michael Mackie!!!

Michael Mackie is the morning man for for KC Live.

Credit where it's due . . . This guy must be brave as HELL because every day he wakes up to co-host the most hated morning show in Kansas City which kinda makes him the most hated Kansas City morning TV dude in town. Some might argue that job belongs to Mark Alford . . . But I spend my time gawking at all of the hottie women on Fox4 so I don't really notice.

Real talk: Demographic politics proves divisive even on a general sponsored content type show and that probably explains some of the local hateration. TKC observation: There's a lot more to hate about this show than the fact that Mr. Mackie can act a little "fancy" at times.

Anyhoo . . .

Given that we respect Mr. Mackie's Kansas City morning persistence tonight we celebrate his entire catalog with a special nod to the time a TV set prop broke under his weight.

Check it:

This is just some of what we're watching tonight. Hopefully, more for the morning update . . .STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

FOX4 Public Service Announcement:

NEVER leave a child alone in the car...even for a minute!
ALWAYS make sure they're accompanied by another small child or feral animal.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell wants to wake up in the morning hearing that gay ass voice and staring at that gay ass face? That shit will kill a morning woodie inside of five seconds.

Anonymous said...

Another D-lister KC celebrity!
What does he think about global warming and soy latte's?
And how many Twitter followers does he have?
Where'd the GOPers go?
And now on to the new taxpayer-subsidized hotel and spending public money to get the next Super Bowl!
World class.

Anonymous said...

11:21: Please have your 2-year-old show you how to change channels on your TV.

Anonymous said...

I like mr. mackie. He is from Iowa. He talks about corn and how he lives on the plaza.

He doesn't flame as high as some mid-size media types so I don't care. He never takes off his clothes, and is super polite and peppy. I think he's great.

I also like it when the out of town comedians come on and kind of don't know what to make of this guy..because he has energy and is dorkier than most of those comedians.

It's not cool to make fun of his sexuality, after all I don't care, none of my gay friends are with him, and they don't ever ever see him out at the bars, trolling for men, so take of that what you will.

If he is gay or bi or whatever, I know many gay men around kansas city like him, he is a typical midwest gay dude, heck he even has the hair. So if he does hook up with someone it will probably be another midwest looking dude with bad hair and euro/germanic/irish face. That is from around this region.

The chick he is with is not as good a host as him. She is boring and talks about her kids too much. He tries to make her better but she sucks.

Anonymous said...

3:12 comment

So good to hear from you Orville Redenbacher!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the person above. They got rid of the wrong one. She has zero personality and talks about her kids too much. He has a personality and am sad to see him leave. Probably won't watch any more. Not a Joel Nichols fan myself.