Friday, June 06, 2014

Kansas City Homeless Vet Stand Down

Fox4 offers this reminder about the reality of Kansas City's less fortunate and homeless demographics that include more than a few veterans: Homeless veterans stand in line on D-Day to receive needed items

Meanwhile, here's what local middle-class Vets are up to today as well: On D-Day, KC veterans and their families leave on Honor Flight to D.C.


Anonymous said...

President Obama -- bastard child, pot-smoking, cocaine-snorting, homosexual, member of Chicago organized crime/political faction who NEVER served his country in the military.

Vice-President Biden -- dim-witted fraternity boy, plagiarized papers in law school and should have been expelled, rode his wife's death to political office, forced out of the 1988 Presidential race after plagiarizing yet again, and NEVER served his country in the military.
Biden received five student draft deferments during the Vietnam War. In April 1968, he was reclassified by the Selective Service System as not available for service due to having had asthma as a teenager.

This country is BROKEN, CORRUPT, and led by ORGANIZED CRIME figures known as politicians.

Anonymous said...

...and they wonder why we have kids running off to join the Talibahn? Hell the terrorists are the least threat to our freedoms

Anonymous said...

Why does Roy Blunt love the Taliban more tha. the troops?