Monday, June 23, 2014


More than anything . . .


We offer more leeway than any other place about local news in Kansas City because we feel that free speech is important given the recent local government crackdown on direct Democracy.

To wit . . . For tonight, we want to relay this THOUGHTFUL message from a man some of you know as THE POLAR BEAR that offers insight into the world of comments here on TKC and throughout the Internets...


For some time now, the cartoon character known as the Polar Bear has posted a bunch of comments. 99% of the time these comments are just to stir up the natives.

The Polar Bear idea originated with Byron Funkhouser. It is amazing the venom directed toward Byron. I have no idea, but would imagine Byron enjoyed pulling the chains of some of your readers. I know the Polar Bear certainly does.

Today, after reading some of the comments regarding the Toy Train and the actions of the Mayor and City Council, the bear followed another poster and posted "ropes and trees". Amazing that a number of readers, including elByran, picked up and think this comment was something other than a lame attempt at humor. I was totally taken aback that someone could actually think that comment was anything other than "snark".

It would appear that a number of readers actually bite on some , if not all, the wildly obscene comments that bear posts. People can't be that gullible, can they?

It dawned on me today that even words spoken in jest could possibly lead some to actually act on those "comments". Therefore, after a day of reflection, the Polar Bear has come to the conclusion that retirement is in the best interest of this mythical character.

That's not to say that material may pop up from time to time that this character cannot resist dropping a f-bomb on or a wild off the wall comment. But as of tomorrow the mythical Polar Bear is going into "hibernation"

Your blog, with the myriad of different comments, gives the reader a look into the world we live in today. While the Polar Bear character throws out bigoted comments, f-bombs, and other off the wall comments, few, if any, should be taken serious.

It is obvious that some of the people comment just as the bear, in jest , BUT one would have to believe there are some who actually feel, believe, and live their lives just as they comment. This is the door that your blog opens. A door that sometimes we don't want to believe exists. Through this door, one gets a true view of the society that we live in today. From hipsters just trying to find their way, to the elderly, that many times are taken advantage of, to those just trying to survive, to the segments of our society that are struggling to find answers, your blog opens the door to look into their lives through comments that you allow, even the ones that, many times, are way out there.

Thanks for being a good sport. Continued success. You are, regardless of what some may say, providing a look into local events that many people are missing otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Almost never agreed with him.

But the guy makes some good points.

Anonymous said...

The P Bear was the only reason I checked in..

Anonymous said...

Will miss you then 803.

I read his post and understand some of his points. However, smart people choose words carefully, and many on this blog chose words that hate and disrespect. Frankly, based upon the posts on this site, which is which.

When it comes to people and dignity, it's never a bad idea to error on the side of keep it to yourself unless you are sure.

Tony's presentation of his open format, IMHO, has been taken over and replaced thoughtful discourse with racism, hate, and misogyny. Not all, but a lot.

To the extent this format conveys hate, disrespect, and anger, it's original purpose is diluted.

Anonymous said...

fuck the niggers!

Anonymous said...

Lynching comments are good points? Great.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Will U. Lynch said...

It takes a BIG tree and a BIG rope to stop a polar bear.

Anonymous said...

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BLOOD FEUD hits the street this week [it ranked #89 on AMAZON Sunday afternoon.]

Page 193

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Anonymous said...


Hillary Clinton’s health and her relationship with the Obamas is at the center of Edward Klein’s latest book, “Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas.”

Sound like fiction? It could be. Klein – who’s written books about Barack Obama, the Clintons, Katie Couric and the Kennedys – has gotten the reputation for being a bit factually challenged. “The evolution of his career has raised eyebrows among liberals and conservatives, and the highly personal portraits he crafts have prompted questions about sourcing, accuracy and intent,” The Washington Post wrote in 2012 on the heels of Klein releasing “The Amateur.”

Like his other books, it's filled with unverifiable gossip, factual inaccuracies, and reads more like political fan fiction than solid reporting.

I Am KC said...

I hate Hillary AND the bear

Anonymous said...

u aren't kc, you're a dumb ass

Anonymous said...

I'll miss you P.Bear. (sniff, sniff0. Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Gawd people, grow a pair. Polar Bear may have dialed direct, but he always had the right number.

The Black Bear said...

It seems that the man behind the Polar Bear was far smarter than the bear himself.

Anonymous said...


Same guy who has pasted Klan hood, and the tone of his posts has not been humorous. Incendiary, but not humorous or intended to be.

if Tony equates unlimited speech with free speech he's as clueless as those he criticizes.

Anonymous said...

Well it appears to me those who think they know; don't know shit and those who really know are attacked for being the smart ones. While the Polar Bear liked to have a little fun once in a while there is always the assholes that are clueless to what fun is. Colored and off colored jokes, pokes and jabs have been made ever since man learned how to fucking speak. Not saying its right not saying you can’t either. And even then there was soon assholes saying you shouldn't say that. But the main point is what someone finds funny you might find as mean and being a hater. And sometimes people in anger pop off about something and their anger causes them to say it all wrong. But I think the regular readers in here do a good job of seeing the asshole and dipshit comments as the trash they are and ignore them. Someone very close to me did something and asked me what I thought and I told them the honest truth. They got very mad at me for speaking the truth. The truth was they were hoping, was something nobody would see and that was why I was asked my opinion, but I saw the truth and pointed it out. Free Speech a lot of time is the pointing out of truths that people don't want to have pointed out to them. I saw the rope and tree comments many times in here and to me it means put to death some shit stain that has killed or raped a child if not both. It also to me depending on the story means do away with whoever the story is about. Sly James does something which causes the taxpayers more money and someone says rope and a tree I see that not as a mob going to hang him, I see it as a suggestion to not vote this fool back into office and the need to get rid of him from Kansas City government. Sometimes we see good comments in here and other times there is lots of shit posted just because someone is being an ass for whatever reason. But as well Tony puts up a story and the person who the story is about really does deserve the crap that is thrown at them. If you want to be different than everyone else in the world then you best be ready for the bad thoughts of others that go with it. To be honest I think a lot of the times its immature young adults seeing if they can piss the old fuckers or everyone else off. But opinions are what they are and not everyone is going to like what you say all the time anymore then they will like what I say. But I am glad to live in America where I have the freedom to speak my opinion without fear of government censorship. Also rope and tree when I was a kid meant a swing and those were sure fun on a hot summer’s day.

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself. Who cares if you post anything or not?

Chester said...

he was pretty good. i like free speech, it makes my nipples hard!

stupor dave was p bear said...

super dave was p bear.

Anonymous said...

The Polar Bear is John Connors. His Facebook page says he lives in Torrance, California, but he lives here. His profile pic is an anarchy symbol.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Like him or not, the polar bear played some of you TKC dips like a cheap fiddle. The ones with the shitty comments are the one's the bear wore out, day in and day out. I for one will miss the bears wisdom. Enjoy your hibernation polar bear.
Two of the mainstays of TKC are now gone. Byron and Polar Bear. Who will the dip's turn their silly rants on now? They seem to attack anyone that disagrees with their view of the world. Tony, beware. You are obviously their next target.

The "nigger" word guy said...

Niggers are stupid. Come back soon Polar!

Anonymous said...

7:05 and 7:11 , internet detectives, or common variety fools ? I suggest the latter.

Anonymous said...

John Connors has posted the exact same comments, word for word on the KC Star site that he posts here under the Polar Bear anytime there is an article on Union Station and/or George Guastello. He is the fool who thought "George the Great" would not notice that. George is an asshole, but not a fool.

Abcnkc said...

It's fun until someone gets hurt. You could poke your eye out with some of his posts.

Anonymous said...

8:53 perhaps John Conners, the bear, or whoever, didn't care whether or not "George the Great" would notice.

The bear seemed to have George figured out. Many people around KC have a ax to grind with that guy. Personally, I thought the bear was damn good entertainment.

Could 8:53 actually be "George the Great". Sounds like it is you Georgie. And yes, he is both asshole and fool.

Yogi Bear said...

The Bear clan is worldwide. Don't be fooled that we don't have P Bears back.

Posers beware.

Anonymous said...

"He is the most interesting bear in the world"

"Stay thirsty my friends"

Anonymous said...

Poor p bear, he got scared of the loons and skin heads that read this board.

P bear just went away because they finally figured out a way to get the youth off the plaza and Tony Bones has put away her "harmless baby voice because I'm just a white girl" act.

Next we will have to hear from balonzo warshingtonmachine and his racist dribble, his love-affair with craig, his second best (free stuff! schwag bags!)friend the sock man, and suffer through another megapost with megatron and optimus prime.

I don't get no oreo cookies for reading this stuff. (just like the new oreo cookie transformers movie commercial)