Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kansas City Flash Mob Bus Pass Discount

Kansas City public transit info that's worth a bit of cash . . .

KC ATA: Tranz It for Youth


"Teens are always on the go, especially during the summer. For just $12, 12-18 year olds can ride The Metro and MAX all month in June, July and August! All that is needed at the time of purchase is the reduced farecard ID printed on the card. Just wear the medallion around the neck. No need to show the reduced fare ID when using Tranz It."

No word yet if the toy train streetcar is planning any kind of promotion to lure local scholars . . .


Anonymous said...

Niggers on the move!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the "swarm" will be all over Killa City

for the next 3 months. $18.00 means a rash

of jackings and purse snatches.

Surprised Obama didn't give them a EBT card for

bus fare too.