Tuesday, June 10, 2014


The latest mediocre season (and admittedly crappy Kansas City weather) has taken its toll on the fan base of our long suffering baseball team.

Check it:

Despite recent victories, Royals struggling for fans in the stands


"They were hoping a big name like Jeter and a big name team like the Yankees would knock it out of the ballpark with fans, but the 38,177-seat stadium averaged less than 25,000 in the stands, about 65 percent capacity, and only expected 18,000 fans on Monday prior to the postponement."

To be fair, this blog will beg, steal and borrow to make it out to the K if they bring back tube-top free day . . . Which is just about the only thing left in KCMO that can make TKC giggle.


Anonymous said...

Maybe City hall can submit an emergency tax hike to help people to be better able able to afford Royals Tickets.

Anonymous said...

Well just who the fuck would want to go to a stinking Royals game? Too expensive to begin with and they're losers to end with.

Milk and Cookies Sweeney said...

Stadium in nowheresville.
$9 Miller Lites.
A still damaged economy.
A cultural shift away from a slow, lengthy, at times boring game (and I'm speaking as a big baseball fan).

Anonymous said...

Do the math, folks.

They more than doubled the price of tickets for the "premium" games against the Cardinals and the Yankees.

And they sold 24,000 tickets.

That brought in the same revenue as selling 48,000 tickets to a regular game -- in a stadium with 38,000 seats.

They are crying about "low attendance" all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Get use to the new economy and understand people get together when times get difficult. Young adults need somewhere to go for change of scenery. They don't have a house at the lake, country or a club membership or dozens of houses like many Kansas City folks have. But you have to give these working folks something and channeling them to Westport is the best option you got. This city runs on beer sales and it works for people who shill out 12 hour shifts too. You may bitch about paying personal income taxes while you watch the revenue come in elsewhere other than Royals Stadium on a Saturday night. It may very well be a tougher go for the beer bucks at two dollars a drink but it's steady income for the city of Kansas City, Missouri.

6/8/14, 10:35 PM

Anonymous said...

Since Mean Jean won't send people to prison, she could make compulsory attendance at Royal's games a condition of the probation. That would fill the stands.

Anonymous said...

It's called dynamic pricing.

Went to a Royals-Orioles game last month with my dad. Good seats, great sight lines. $37 apiece -- a little steep, but worth it.

Same seats for the Yankees games this past weekend? $69.

Anonymous said...

What gets me is these jagoff sports jocks on 610 and 810 who are bitching about it and they all get in free whenever they want.

Anonymous said...

Somebody tell Royal's PR guy Toby what's-his-name, former media dude, that baseball is sliding.

FACT: as social mood continues to turn more negative, the slower, passive sports like baseball will wane, while the more violent sports like NFL, MMA, etc. will sustain their popularity. It's a scientific trending phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

FACT: Baseball in terms of both attendance and revenue has never been more popular than it is today.

And MMA? Oh yeah. Isn't that on channel 762 at 2 A.M. before they switch to vacuum cleaner infomercials?