Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Joy And The Kansas City Link Pool Tonight!!!

Our inspiration for some worthwhile evening links right now . . .

Joy Corrigan Wants To Sell You Some Bikinis

And more Kansas City we're checking:

- Horrific Story Of Dirty Pussy In Kansas City: Report details 'deplorable' conditions in cat hoarding case . . . Cats continue to be removed from Northland home

- Sunflower State Mothers Of The Year: One In Eight Kansas Pregnancies In 2013 Involved Women Who Smoked

- Keeping Local Politics Low Budget: KC council panel supports campaign contribution limits

- Golden Ghetto Going Home Is Going To Get Rough: SB I-435 to close at 87th Street in Johnson County tonight

- Obamacare Can't Be Racist: Data Show Vast Disparities In Kansas City Area Hospital Charges

- Say Goodbye To The JoCo Campus: Report: Sprint will pay $50B for T-Mobile

- Ripping Away The Snack Cakes Is Just As Painful: No-incision weight loss procedure tested in KC

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Cats are nasty creatures, they shit in a box and then walk across your counter tops in your kitchen, people who have more than 2 cats are crazy, and people who have more than 2 dogs are just as crazy. So your kids left the nest and you couldnt get over it so you poured some pets in to fill the void, well honestly thats your business, but its still crazy.

Anonymous said...

True dat.