Friday, June 20, 2014

Jordan Caver And The Kansas City Link Pool

Right now we celebrate Jordan Carver and all of the important Kansas City mainstream media links of the moment . . .


Here we go . . .

- Kansas City Fire Bug Infestation: Neighbor suspects arson in vacant house fire

- Naming The Double Dead Across The State Line: KCK police ID men slain at cemetery

- Actually A Bad Sign In Kansas City: Fullerton: City Hall, economic development leaders 'all on same page'

- Tragic Stealing Against A Good Cause: Trailer stolen from Ali Kemp foundation

- Kansas City Rainbow Bunny Hops Around Again: Google Fiber rally adds 8 second-chance KC neighborhoods

- Sunflower State Cash Crunch: More than 20,000 remaining Kansas tax refunds won’t go out until July

- Show-Me Rampant Pollution: Missouri has backlog of hazardous waste reviews

- Catholic Farewell: Services Held For Murdered Kansas-Native Priest

- No Jobs In Kansas: Unemployment rate in Wyandotte County jumps 1.2 percent; state-wide unemployment at 4.8 percent

- Tragic Local Murder Strategy: Judge rules juvenile accused of killing father to remain in juvenile system

- Dead Tree Media Optimism: Kansas City easily tops contest to host the 2016 GOP convention

- Big Slick B-List Media Blitz: Children's Mercy Hospital's Big Slick Celebrity weekend returns with Koechner and Stonestreet . . . Internets Ask As Well: Big Slick Poker Tournament launches online fundraising campaign

- Golden Ghetto Doggie Sadness: Johnson County deputies mourn the loss of K9 'Figo'

- Waldo Bar Biz Buyout: Charlie Hooper's is being sold to the owners of Lew's and The Well

- Insert Your Own Bad Joke But Please Wear A Condom First: Kansas City Gay Pride Festival Relocates To West Bottoms

- Be Royal Bandwagon: Friday night's Kansas City Royals game is sold out

- Bella Napoli Italian Pride: Kansas City Man Highlights His Culture's Food And Sport During World Cup

- Briar Cliff Has Deep Roots: Garney mansion comes down, but garden is still standing

- Local Brawny Tradition: Kansas City Rugby Football Club to celebrate 50th anniversary

- Kansas City Racism Of Sorts: 51st Tour of KC kicks off this weekend

- Party According To KSHB: 10 things going on in KC this weekend . . .

- McTavish Always Makes My Weekend: The Weekend To-Do List: June 20-22

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

When will Jordan Carver come to Kansas City?

Anonymous said...

Fagfest Sickos Aidsfest In West Bottoms

Thanks for the warning

Anonymous said...

Relax KC soon you'll be like Portlandia!!!!!!!

LOL believe me this isn't some utopia that many seem to believe. We have the same problems major cities have and they're getting worse and housing is the biggest problem.

Affordable - no more! Sorry but you missed that boat a long time ago. If you want to live in the inner core the rent costs are outrageous (average is $1500 for a one bedroom) and that's only if you can find a place. Trying to find a good house to buy is a challenge in the inner core as well...our neighborhood has one of the lowest inventory in the country. Bidding wars are common for dumpy fixers - if you can find them.

Jobs? - uh this is the land of low wages and no jobs. Oh, there are jobs but mostly entry-level and for the top end you have only a handful of corporations to choose from.

Schools? - the state of Oregon has probably one of the worst funding schemes for paying for schools in the country - only property taxes. That means most are crying for money. Portland Public Schools is a joke with constant teacher's union issues, underfunding and the facilities which have been left to fall into disrepair (want the lawn mowed at your school? Gonna have to do it yourself). They came to us for a bond last year for facility repair and now they want to offer up another one.

Portland has also spent its money poorly - yeah we have a shiny new street car but our city streets are potholed and falling apart so much so the city council is floating a scheme to charge $12 / month per household to fix them. You might think "well,I plan to bike on those famous bike lanes everywhere." That only works when you live in the core and if you can only afford the outer neighborhoods that isn't much fun or practical - it really does rain 9 months out of the year.

Yeah, you probably know someone, who knows someone, and have heard it is all good but research it before you decide that this is paradise. Oh, and I didn't move here - I'm from here.

Anonymous said...

brookside is so mad! all of us! boondoggle unjust undue burden disenfranchised why dont business owners from out of town get to vote rex isn't backing us everyone agrees hipster coffee toy trains everything you want you can have if you just vote no i swear we'll improve busses we are transit experts.

Anonymous said...

Calm down russ. You seems so angry since you had to shave all your hair off. Personally, I like the look. It's SEXY!

Tubby Wassermann said...

Card-carrying Mensa wunderkind monitoring these premises all day every day... savoring Tony's freshly wafting farts...breathing them deeply.

Oh the self loathing he must feel to just not be able to stay away.

Now get back to setting the world on fire, you hard-charger!!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Jordan and against the TDD Triple Tax.

Anonymous said...

I vote against the TDD keptatuple tax! It's 17 secret taxes.

I live in Lenexa. Everyone in brookside agrees with me

Anonymous said...

The royals are winning (for now) and the morons of Kansas City pay bucks to support it only when they (the Royals) are successful, sounds like we can finally understand why The morons who pay taxes in KC only shadow success when it rarely happens here, instead of being a real part of making this city happen...again KC is a joke filled with people who could care less!