Sunday, June 01, 2014

Inside The KCPS Southwest Rape Campus

War stories from Kansas City Public Schools:

Ex-principal offers a rare look inside troubled Southwest Early College Campus

A nice write-up of local education dysfunction . . . Meanwhile, what's even worse is that the KCPS is (once again) blighting a local neighborhood and bringing down property values of surrounding homes.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a story. Unfortunately for Ed Richardson, his career is going to suffer for a lesson he should have learned a long time ago. The black animal cannot be saved. They are raised incorrectly by people who shouldn't own a cat let alone a child. I used to somewhat like Ed. My dad, a Paseo graduate (before it went to hell) was prejudice against black people. My high school self used to tell him he was wrong for his beliefs. At the time my interactions were with good black kids in JOCO. When I went to college did I ever learn how right my dad was. If anything, he understated how bad they were. The only people I know who defend black people don't spend much time around black people. Ed Richardson didn't know it when he took the job but he didn't stand a chance. I bet he doesn't lay his job on the line for black people again and I don't blame him a bit. I'm sure he learned his lesson the hard way. And you know that article sugar-coated it and left out hundreds of other incidents. When I graduated high school in the late 80's guess what? We didn't have ANY cops at our school, let alone four. Security doors? None. You know why? We had parents who raised us correctly and would beat our asses if we acted up, which was NOTHING compared to what the black animal does everyday at a public place. I know there will be people who read this and disagree from their home in Leawood or Brookside. I invite you to sell your house to move to 20th & Topping or around Benton Blvd. and celebrate your love for diversity. See how long before all your stuff is stolen or you're killed. Next Saturday night instead of drinking at Nick & Jakes go to the Green Duck instead (Google it since I know you've never heard of it). You see I've actually spent my time around them enough to know. I actually used to work on Troost. I know what the hell I'm talking about. Good luck to you Ed. Here's hoping you find a job in nice white school district where the parents have actually graduated school themselves and weren't grandparents by age 38. Hopefully the black animal didn't ruin your career.

Anonymous said...

Fucking airhead and his fucking shool board pieces of shit!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't say anything about the increase in crime in my neighborhood...Brookside...suddenly there were break ins in the middle of the coming to your door asking to do "odd jobs" like case the joint....I'm glad I got the fuck out ....becoming another Detroit!!!