Monday, June 30, 2014

Iggy Azalea And Kansas City Monday Links

Here's a white lady and a Black lady fighting on the Internet that (hopefully) doesn't end with a horrible video of a tragic beating:

Nicki Minaj vs. Iggy Azalea: Where's the beef?

And then . . .


Here we go:

- Kansas City Slice Of Life To Start The Week: KC stabbing leaves 2 injured

- Dead Tree Media Democrat Endorsement: Davis attacks, Brownback suffers as new tax-cut problem slams Kansas

- More Than 500 New Jobs To Kansas City Northland: Targeted Metrics moving to Kansas City

- Cowtown Man Learns There's No Place To Hide: KC man sentenced for evading child support

- Local Expense Increase: Kansas City raising tow fees starting July 1

- Today's Westside Run-In: Motorcycle, trash truck collide on SB I-35 at Southwest Trafficway

- Kansas City Deal: Womack attempts to work a resolution with prosecutors

- Kansas Presser Politics: Paul Davis announces economic plan rivaling Brownback as governor’s race heats up

- Gov. Jay Signs A Peace-Making Deal With Nobody: Gov. Nixon to sign Kansas City Border War truce legislation

- A Story We Bogged FIRST In Town: Kansas City's Esther Honig Investigates Photoshop, Gains International Attention

- Kansas LGBT Lack Of Commitment: Douglas County Grants Same-Sex Divorces Despite State Ban On Same-Sex Marriages

- Boost In Urban Core Kansas: Wyandotte County gets nod for creating more jobs than other Kansas counties

- Our Cotown Supports The Troops: New center for homeless veterans opens in KC

- Everybody Gets A Kick Out Of More Office Space: Union Station scores soccer association HQ

- Ruining The Sunflower State Countryside: Kansas considering scenic overlook for Flint Hills

- 4th Of July Kansas City Explosion Headquarters: Need fireworks? Here's your list of KCK firework stands

- Local Baseball Testimony: A Mariners Fan in Kansas City: My Trip to Kauffman

- Better Transportation Alternatives Across The State Line: New bus service begins in KCK

- Batter up: Royals acquire fan favorite Raul Ibanez as free agent

- Show-Me What's For Dinner: Missouri frog hunting starts at sundown

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

How about the idiot local TV weather people who thought a possible tornado near the Iowa border was justification to preempt the national news shows? All three channels. On the day the Supreme Court ruled on Hobby Lobby?

Katie may be gone, but her spirit lives on. And on. And on... .

Anonymous said...

A jeep isn't a trash truck. I mean it might be a crap car but far from looking like a trash truck. You ever read this shit before you post it?

Anonymous said...

Thank you 6:04. It's a thunderstorm for gods sake. Channel 4 was the only one that didn't go batshit crazy. Last night was the same damn thing. God forbid the queens Gayzak and Buttme don't get their face time (pardon the pun).

Anonymous said...

Life's a beach when you're toting around a nice dumper.