Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fear The Kansas City Dead Tree Media Economic Recovery Contrary Indicator

Remember that the Kansas City daily newspaper has always been a contrary indicator in terms of economic reality: Suburbs in KC, elsewhere, see post-recession bounce . . . For instance, they pretty much denied The Great Recession until it was over and took most of their advertising and a great portion of their staff.


Anonymous said...

It's pretty much inevitable. People rent cheap (read subsidized) apartments downtown, get married, have kids, move to the 'burbs. Previous generations called it "growing up." Note all of the examples moved out of KC, so they won't be paying for the eco devo they left behind.

Anonymous said...

The Star used to be a prestigious newspaper, hugely influential in two states. Then it went broke and laid off most of its talent and all of its institutional memory.

That happened for the same reason the entire newspaper industry went down the toilet: lousy management. Until a few years ago, even a front office full of imbeciles could run a newspaper that made tons of money. It was that easy. By the time the Internet struck, almost all newspapers were being run by idiots. They ended up as the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. Now, local news mostly means TV, and instead of journalism, you get hot girlies holding microphones and smiling. Hope you feel better informed.