Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Emily Ratajkowski And Early Kansas City

Emily Ratajkowski starts our Kansas City morning with her GQ hottie pix gallery for this early morning wave of links. . .

- Kansas City Nerd-Fest Comeback:

- KCK Testimony: Family speaks about bodies found in KCK cemetery

- Social Media Ruins Everything: Scammers operating fake Twitter accounts threatening to ruin “hidden cash” craze

- Kansas City Cancer Jobs: Area hospitals expanding search for employees

- Time To Forget How To Vote: Absentee voting in Kansas City

- Local Racism This Weekend Again: Friday, Saturday morning races affect KC traffic

- Worthwhile Dead Tree Media Ballot Advice: Kansas City must treat Chastain’s light-rail ballot issue fairly

- Kansas City Losing: Kershaw follows no-hitter with dominant outing against Royals

- Kansas City Pet Safety Checklist

- EPIC Kansas City Chicken Journey: Man makes customary 1,000 mile+ trip to test new Stroud’s location

- Local Soccer Losing: Sporting KC knocked out of U.S. Open Cup with 3-1 loss to Portland Timbers

- Kansas City Heat Wave Coming Soon!!!

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Heatwave in KC = Negro crime increase

Anonymous said...

niggers fuck up everything.

Anonymous said...

Nig Nogs

Anonymous said...

RE: Kansas City must treat Chastain’s light-rail ballot issue fairly

This "editorial" unattributed article, which actually makes some sense, is in OPPOSITION to other articles appearing recently in the KC Star (recall the rude behavior of Dave Helling a couple of days ago).

I find it amusing that when a commonsense article appears, the author wishes to remain hidden behind the cloak of "editorial", but when writing nonsense, they're eager to place their name on it!!

Old habits die hard?