Friday, June 20, 2014


TKC NOTE: A welcomed Congressional cash advance given that Kansas City politicos @ City Hall are more inclinded to cut off local funding and help to the homeless.

Check it:


Almost two million dollars is on its way to numerous organizations and municipalities in Missouri’s Fifth District to help the homeless. These dollars are critical for our area and I am honored to continue fighting for them. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded this money to our area as part of the Continuum of Care Program to fight homelessness.

Federal dollars are scarce and getting even more so, while the need continues to grow. These dollars will help ensure safe and available shelter, stability, and the opportunity for some of the vulnerable in our community to begin to turn their lives around.

I look forward to continuing to work with the outstanding recipient organizations (listed below) in the fight against homelessness.

Recipients include:

City of Kansas City, Missouri / City of Kansas City - Newhouse
Missouri Housing Development Commission / MO-606 Planning Application FY2013
reStart, Inc. / Family Rapid Rehousing 2013
Rose Brooks Center, Inc. / Rose Brooks Center Housing Program
The Salvation Army / Harbor Light Village Chronic Permanent Supportive Housing Program
The Salvation Army / Linwood Center Permanent Supportive Housing Program
The Salvation Army / Project Able Chronic Permanent Supportive Housing Program
The Salvation Army / The Salvation Army Transitional Housing Program
Truman Medical Center, Inc. / Haven of Hope
Truman Medical Center, Inc. / New Roots
Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Inc. / St. Michael Housing (KC)

For more information please visit my website:


Anonymous said...

What are his views on unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

I guess you would say he be bringing home the PORK

Anonymous said...

The chicken shit way property taxation is headed we need money for the homed

Anonymous said... it just me, or would it be best to attack the problems that lead to homelessness BEFORE residents actually become homeless?

It's like spending all your money on drug rehab instead of drug abuse prevention.

Or....for this Congressman, it would be better to take a Business Valuation 101 class BEFORE taking out a million dollar SBA carwash loan.....which quickly proved to be worth far, far less!

Miss Sweetie Pie said...

Mr. Tony,
Oh dear, that list sucks. Honestly sucks. These NGO's have been in business for decades. No tangible outcomes. Seems they are in business to just stay in business.
Very disheartening.
We demand new ideas.

BlightMeKC said...

What does he think about East Patrol Police Crime?

Anonymous said...

How many car washes can you buy with that and then you could put the bums to work there? Just a thought.

P Bear said...

Like Miss Piggy said, those NGO's have done little in 30 years. Check the salaries of their top brass.

Just more GRIFTERS lined up to gorge at the slop trough led by the King of GRIFTERS, Manny Cleaver.