Sunday, June 29, 2014

Clint's Comic Feature Profile And Midtown Kansas City Superhero Jim Cavanaugh

Midtown Kansas City Superhero Jim Cavanaugh

This week KCPT offers a well-deserved up-close and personal look at a SUPERHERO OF MIDTOWN KANSAS CITY . . .

Profile: Jim Cavanaugh, owner of Clint's Comics


"Jim Cavanaugh and his family have owned Clint's Comics in midtown since 1975. John McGrath interviewed the comic book fanatic and some of his loyal customers."

Check the clip:

Fact check: This is quite possibly the GREATEST KANSAS CITY INSTITUTION in Midtown and (hopefully) a clear sign that this town's creative economy can survive all kinds of eco-devo schemes and changing times.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Captain Sweatpants does exist. Saw him at Clint's.

Anonymous said...

I bet Balbonis Glazer is one of Clint's best customers.