Thursday, June 05, 2014

Celebrate Lucy Collett Selfies And The Thursday Kansas City Link Look!!!

Lucy Collett is our favorite ginger in the whole wide world and her vanity on display in this NSFW set of sweet selfies inspires this quick look at some of the more important Kansas City links today...

- The Real Mystery Is Why Kansas City Is Cutting KCFD Jobs Right Now . . . ATF: House explosion in southeast KC looks suspicious. . . Family believes work on clogged sink led to KCMO house explosion, leaving man burned, maimed

- Local Footage: Live Video: Crews battle house fire in KCMO

- Hoping For A Renaissance Without Local Corporate Sponsorship: KC nonprofit tries to redevelop urban core

- Help KCPD Find This Missing Person

- Local Racism News: Hospital Hill Run to affect traffic Friday, Saturday

- Destroying The Story Of Midtown Kansas City: Historic Armour apartments bruised in supposedly careful seal-up

- Kansas City Education Alternatives: Kauffman Charter School Sets High Bar, But Can It Be Replicated?

- Important News For Local Non-Hispters On A Budget: Saturday is Free Fishing Day in Missouri and Kansas

- It Rained Today: Severe storms bring wind damage, power outages

- Show-Me Tacit Acceptance Of The Occult: Real life ghost hunters visit Missouri State Penitentiary, considered most haunted site in Mo.

- Sleaze Summit Mistake: Lee's Summit police: Man in 'stranger danger' case was doing fundraiser

- Kansas City Hipster Guide: Get an early start on this extra-packed First Friday

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Tell those ghost hunters to come back in about ten years and they will be able to investigate the biggest ghost town in the Midwest

Anonymous said...

Very sexy woman.

Anonymous said...

Hipster-----another word for a cock-sucking about to take place.

Anonymous said...

What, was that nigger trying to unclog his sink with gasoline or something equally as stupid? Dumb nigger...Baaaawwaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa