Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Check this interesting immigration update from Kansas that reveals La Migra is taking a break from their reactionary stance for a moment . . .

Kansas Counties Will No Longer Automatically Honor Detention Requests from Federal Immigration Officials


"The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Kansas received a letter from the Shawnee County, Kansas, Department of Corrections, advising the ACLU that Shawnee County will no longer automatically honor requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to hold a person without probable cause. Courts around the country have found that such requests are unconstitutional and that local law enforcement may be held liable for money damages for complying with them. Similarly, the sheriffs in Johnson and Finney Counties have indicated that they will no longer automatically honor ICE detainer requests without a warrant or other adequate showing of probable cause.

"[W]e have ceased recognizing any "probable cause" authority in the I-247 form, and have notified ICE of our decision," wrote Brian W. Cole, Director of the Shawnee County Department of Corrections. "It is our desire never to hold a person beyond the period for which proper lawful authority exists.""

Translation . . . Heading into election time . . . Everybody knows that Latinos are now the nation's swing vote. Natch.


Anonymous said...

There has been no shortage of commentary on the impact of the Hispanic vote on the election outcome. Much of the Republican post-election commentary has focused on the failure of Romney to gather a sufficient share of Hispanic support. Much of the discussion is confused.

Two factors decide the impact of the Hispanic vote. One is the percentage of Hispanics who vote Republican. The other is how many Hispanic voters there are. Empirically, variation in numbers was far more important than variation in voting patterns.

Romney did not lose because he lost the Hispanic vote in some unusual fashion. Rather, he lost because of rising number of Hispanics. In 1992 Hispanics were two percent of voters, in 2012 ten percent of voters. If the Hispanic vote share would have been what it was in 2000, let alone 1992. Romney would have won. Romney however would not have won with the vote share Bush got among Hispanics with the current composition of the electorate.

The Hispanic vote is now finally large enough to win Democrats elections. Unlike what Karl Rove, Jeb Bush and Fox News might claim, this is almost entirely due to the growth of the Hispanic population share, not due to Hispanics having moved against Republicans. Hispanics have voted overwhelmingly for Democrats in every election during the last three decades.

Anonymous said...

Romney received 27 percent of the Hispanic vote, marginally down from Comprehensive Immigration Reform enthusiast John McCain who got 31 percent. The highest vote share a Republican has received among Hispanics is Texas governor George Bush who got 40 percent post September 11th and right before the peak of the housing boom, and hence the peak of Hispanic economic fortunes. The forty percent Bush got was still a decisive defeat. Even though Republican President Ronald Reagan had granted illegal immigrants Amnesty in 1986, two years later only 30 percent of Hispanics voted for Bush Sr.

The solution offered by many establishment Republican commentators such as Karl Rove, Sean Hannity and Charles Krauthammer is nonetheless…Amnesty! Amnesty will probably make a slightly larger share of Hispanics vote Republican, but historical experience proves that the effect is limited. Amnesty will however do this at the cost for Republicans of the Hispanic population growing further. Republicans will win a few more votes because Hispanics will become less anti-Republican but make Democrats gain many more votes because the Hispanic population share will accelerate upward.

Anonymous said...

This question strongly predicts voting for Democrats: three quarters of those who wanted bigger government logically voted for Barack Obama.

I looked at the micro-data to compare Hispanics with Whites. Among Whites voters only a minority supported expanding government even in the 2008 enviriment. That year 45 percent of White voters believed “Government Should Do More” and 55 percent believed ”Government is Doing Too Much”. Among Hispanics by contrast it was 71-29 in favor of bigger government. This fundamental outlook on the role of government is unlikely to vanish because of any Republican shifts on immigration policy.

Pew-Hispanic surveys Latinos about their policy preferences using a slightly different phrasing. In 2011 they asked: “Would you rather pay higher taxes to support a larger government or pay lower taxes and have a smaller government?”

Pew Research Center concludes: “Latinos have often been characterized as more socially conservative than most Americans. On some issues, such as abortion, that’s true. But on others, such as the acceptance of homosexuality, it is not. When it comes to their own assessments of their political views, Latinos, more so than the general public, say their views are liberal.”

In another survey, after the Democrat shift on this issue Pew finds: “More Latinos Now Favor Gay Marriage Than Oppose”, by a healthy 52-34 margin.

Reuters provides excellent detailed analysis of 2012 exit polls. Contrary to Charles Krauthammer’s wishful thinking, Hispanics voters supported the Democrat position on abortion (always or mostly legal) over the Republican position by a 57-36 percent margin!

Though they are mostly Catholic, Hispanics supported President Obama’s position that “health insurance organizations should be required to cover contraceptives” by a 68-11 margin.

Remember, just because a group is church-going doesn’t mean they are Republican. African-Americans are the most church-going demographic in the United States and tend to vote overwhelmingly Democrat. The long tradition of Catholics-liberalism is well alive in the Hispanic community.

4. Hispanics support Democrats on policy issues other than immigration. In addition to exit polls, Reuters also provides data using a large sample of regular polls. By a overwhelming 73-7 percent margin Hispanics supported raising taxes on wealthy Americans.

Hispanic believed Obama had a better plan for taxes by a 47-23 percent margin, while Obama lost Whites on taxes by a 32-44 percent margin.

Hispanics supported Obama on Social Security by a 48-17 margin, while Obama lost won Whites on Social Security by a 26-40 percent margin.

Hispanics supported Obama on Education by a 52-20 margin, while Obama lost Whites on Education with 33-39 percent margin.

Hispanics supported Democrats on the crucial issue of Obama-Care by a massive 69-31 margin, while White opposed Obama-Care by a 39-61 margin. This is not surprising, according to Department of Health and Human Services: “Hispanics were most likely to be uninsured for at least one month during 2008 to 2009 (52.3 percent)”. Of course the most uninsured group prefer the candidate who promises to give them free health-care over the rich guy who wants to cut programs that they depend on.


Its ok to vote for the party that aborts babies and promotes gay marriage so long as they give you free shit. You cant beat Santa Claus. This country is fucked. The one sweet bit of irony, Blacks who voted exclusively for Obama will suffer the most under the unchecked hoards of illegals soon to be given amnesty.

http://www.limitstogrowth.org/WEB-Graphics/CartoonDemandLiveInFascistCountry.jpg said...


Some humor.

Anonymous said...

The Balkinization of America. The American Suicide.

• The Hispanic population grew to 53 million in 2012.
• The Hispanic population increased 50% (2000 to 2012).
• The overall population increased 12% (2000 to 2012).
• The Hispanic population increased six-fold since 1970.
• Hispanic population growth accounted for
more than half of the country’s growth (2000 to 2012).
• 10 largest counties by Hispanic population accounted for
22% of the national Hispanic population growth between 2000 and 2011.
• Half of these counties are located in California.
• The Hispanic population was 53,027,708 in 2012.
• Mexicans are the largest Hispanic origin group.
• The composition of Hispanic origin groups varies by geographic area.
• Mexicans represent a majority of Hispanics in all but 11 states.
• Puerto Ricans are the largest Hispanic group in New York and New Jersey.
• Cubans are most populous Hispanic group in Florida.
• The demographics of each origin group vary significantly.
• Hispanics of Mexican origin are the youngest out of the 14 largest origin groups.
• The median age of Mexicans is 25, compared with Cubans’ median age of 40.
• Venezuelans are the most likely to have a college degree (51%).
• 7% of both Guatemalans and Salvadorans have a college degree.

http://www.amren.com/news/2014/06/where-is-americas-sense-of-self-preservation/ said...

Only in Ameirca. Lefty liberal whack jobs who run our lives are handing over this country to whomever wants it.


P Bear said...

Mexican breed like rabbits but the have a strong family unit and they work. With that said......

The Bear doesn't like the bean farts that seem to be a big part of the Mexican swag. A few is ok, but we are about to reach our limit. Only so many roofs to shingle and beans to hoe.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, they are cutting back on KKK bear's hours at the QT.

Might want to consider less time on Tony's TKC while you are drawing that 7.80 per hour.

cml said...

9:50 would know all about the QT. He stands by the payphone and hits on chicks all day.

Anonymous said...

@920. You buddies with the Miller's I'm Las Vegas?

Rhetoric sounds similar.

Anonymous said...

This is poetic justice. For decades you could not get immigration off their asses to pick up detained illegals. Life is a bitch ain't it Uncle Sam?

Byron Funkhouser said...

Maybe they finally got that their name is Shawnee County. The sky will not fall. Let the children in!

Anonymous said...

I'll trade you 30 million Mexicans for one 2 tour Irag veteran.

Anonymous said...

Can't deport'em , can't shoot'em what the hell are they worth

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. They will work all day for $15.00, but wamt $3.00 for a fucking Tamale.

Anonymous said...

8:22 I don't follow your logic. This story is about Kansas not deporting illegal immigrants. Kansas. Got that? Who runs Kansas? Particularly Western Kansas? Republicans. Why does Western Kansas want them? To work at the feed lots for cheap. You know who wants that cheap labor? Republicans. I love the dichotomy of this because it is so entirely predictable. Lets see, immigrants come here are exploited and treated like shit. One party wants to do everything possible to keep them down. One wants to help them. Meanwhile they have kids who are legal and they eventually get old enough to vote. Guess who they vote for. It is very interesting this only became an issue once Obama got into office. I lived in Houston in the early 80's. My school was half Mexican then and all the sudden this is a new problem? What about Arizona? Did the Mexicans just now show up there? All the Southern states bordering Mexico have been run by Republicans forever (and California had Reagan)who loved the cheap labor but couldn't predict what would happen in a generation or two? The immigration problem was one created mostly by Republicans. It's only an issue for them now because their low-information constituents are too dumb to see through their bullshit.