Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Sony offers COVETED gamer tribute to Fort Riley soldiers: PlayStation troop salute deploys playable PS4s to Kansas


Anonymous said...

You do know the army trains on call of duty. You know they made their very own special edition with actual scenes from real battles and characters like real people. I thought everybody knew about the army officer version of call of duty. It was kind of a big deal to get the codes and permission to get the single shooter player permissions. This took a while. They also use other trainers as well. Nobody likes playing the call of duty where someone gets lost, or commits suicide, or starts talking crazy and pulls a stress card. Nobody likes the game where you predicted wrong, you ran out of ammo, you are getting sandstormed, or your whole unit gets sick. None of these people want to play the game when real things that happen in combat happen virtually.

Anonymous said...

This is why we are losing the war. We are sitting in bases playing PS4 while the president decides how best to be 'sensitive' to the Muslim world while our enemy sits in caves, reciting their holy book 6 times a day and practicing guerilla warfare that they expect to last generations.