Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Candice And The Kansas City Link Strut

Candice Swanepoel and her leggy hotness start this quick afternoon walk through the more important local links . . .

- JoCo Slice Of Life Update: Overland Park man whose body was found decomposing, was stabbed multiple times

- Kansas City Murder Count Is No Game: Kansas City playground homicide victim identified

- Jeff City Slapfight Begins: Missouri Gov. Nixon to roll out vetoes

- City Hall Slapfight Today That We Previewed: Opponents battle over new rules for feeding hungry

- Giving Courthouse Access To Your Data Is A Bad Idea: JaxCo sheriff turning parents into computer cops

- Sleaze Summit Vampire Scare: Second rabid bat confirmed in Lee’s Summit

- Golden Ghetto B-List Merch Tragedy: Water lines break, flood lower level of Oak Park Mall

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

The psychotic crimefighter SWALLONZO is in-route to the scene, and will be claiming it's a racist plot to force black people from Oak Park Mall.

"I'm a community activist!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Really? Is that all you got you stupid fucking John Birch mother fucker? How about rotting infrastructure because the city has been run by racist assholes all these years?

Anonymous said...

Damn, told you son.

Anonymous said...

Poverland Oark has money for toy interchange boondoggle streetwidenings to nowhere that no one will ever use but can't maintain basic infrastructure!!!!!!!

Poverland Oark Fire and Cops are way underfunded and can't put out fires without losing the whole house or catch the JoCo sexual predators on the jogging trail because the CORRUPT city is giving all the money away to developers and subsidized 1980's era baby boomer lifestyles, tax breaks for strip malls, subsidized convention center, toy freeways and unjust undue burden highway interchanges, TDD at Oak Park Mall to pay for unused parking lagoon that no one got to vote on.

Democracy is DEAD in Poverland Oark.

PO = Gary

Boondoggle. Turn on the privately owned fountain and pay for it! Black people!

Anonymous said...

RE: Overland Park man whose body was found decomposing, was stabbed multiple times

Was he:
A) on a VA Hospital wait list for care

B) an ObamaCare enrollee who was waiting for treatment

C) an illegal alien waiting for his Medicaid approval

Anonymous said...

He was from Nigeria, part of a flying carnival act.

You know, the ones that swing from monkey bars

Anonymous said...