Saturday, May 03, 2014

WIR: Kansas City Newsies Elite Look Back

A busy news week brings us to another installment of KCPT's Week In Review hosted expertly by Nick Haines.

Check it:

Topics include . . .

- Chatter Over Gov. Brownback Homies That's Overblown Because We All Know That White Guys Wearing Suits Don't Go to Jail

- $40 Mil To Burns & Mac Debate . . . Actually, pretty interesting.

- Awkward Kansas City Free Day Zoo Discussion Among White Guys And A Welshman

- Indian Springs Hope For Change 

- Listen Closely . . . Most Of These Newsies Are ANTI-GUN!!!

Even better . . .


Seriously, a very informative review of stuff we read on the Internets. More in a bit . . .


chuck said...

The whole crew tap danced around teh problems that relate to African American violence the entire show.

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

No surprise there. Nick Haines and the public television crowd are terrified of the usual suspects on the east side.
Why do you think Gwen Grant is given a platform every week on Ruckus?

Anonymous said...

" ... white guys and a Welshman ... "

Yo. Was the Welsh guy wearing his hat backwards or something?

Anonymous said...


Can you tell which member of the panel wears a hairpiece?

hint: it's not Nick Haines!

Hair today....gone tomorrow

Anonymous said...

When the Bear did the colon cleanse during RUKUS the other night, he took a Nick Haines.

Looked exactly like him.

Don't know if it was a natural or the cleanse but it was definitely a Nick Haines.

What a turd !

Anonymous said...


Just before the end, host Nick Haines said he'll be going down the Verruckt waterslide in a speedo!!!!!

Close your eyes kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Been a bad week for TV. SNL sucks tonight. The White House Correspondents Dinner jokes were nasty and fell flat.

And the only thing that will save local KC news this May rating period is getting that model without any panties here, to read the news sitting behind a clear plastic-top news desk.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Nick ask DeAnn to be on the show?