Friday, May 09, 2014

Tracking Tragic Toy Train Double Talk Amid North Kansas City Extension Hype

The Show-Me blog dutifully keeps track of Kansas City political excuses on behalf of the toy train streetcar: Streetcar Supporters’ Tortured Logic On Display In North Kansas City Extension Option


Anonymous said...

End the fucking thing. Put a stake in it.

Anonymous said...

"As Kansas City Councilman Russ Johnson put it, 'it’s hard to have rail where there isn’t economic density.' But wait a second. Haven’t we all been told that streetcars create economic density? Even Johnson has 'insisted that the streetcar will help economic development near the rail lines and could help build urban population density.' "

Perhaps Mr. Johnson considers "economic density" density of tax victims within a few blocks of the toy train line.

Anonymous said...

You expect logic from Mensa boy? He relies on awing everyone with his IQ. There is not one thing a streetcar can do that buses can't, and there are a lot of thing buses can do that streetcars can't--like deal with detours.

My grandfather was a streetcar conductor who switched to buses when they replaced streetcars (in another city). He preferred buses.

Anonymous said...

Show me pay for play clickbait advertainment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Russ.