Saturday, May 03, 2014


There's a disturbing trend in the Kansas City urban core that's been tragically unreported.

To wit . . .


More than a few of you have shared details of friends and relatives who have been victimized in this recent wave of Kansas City crime.


Via social media and a recent talk with TKC, Bryan Stalder shared his harrowing experience and offered insight into "restorative justice" and improving security.

Here's the word from this talent local artist and Northeast Kansas City homeowner . . .

El Bryan's Break-In
I left my house around 10:50 to grab Subway. There was a kid on a skateboard on the street who saw me leave. I came back at 11:10 and he had broken into our house. I walked in and saw the back door had been kicked in and a skateboard was on the sofa. I yelled "Get the fuck outta my house," and called 9-1-1.

I made sure my son was okay inside the van, and I watched to see how the person(s) were going to exit my house. He was too scared to come downstairs but he couldn't find a window to jump out of. He finally came out the boys' window with a bag and I yelled, "I called the police and if they catch you with any of my stuff I'm gonna fucking stomp your skull in!"

He looked terrified and almost fell off the roof. He dropped everything; he'd mostly just grabbed piggy banks from the kids rooms, a Nintendo DS, a camera, and my (broken!) laptop. I don't think he got away with anything.

I followed him for about three blocks, but my son was in the van and the guy evaded me by going through people's back yards. The police haven't caught him yet, but I have a good description of him and can ID him for sure. They took lots of finger prints.

We've got a few door frames/window jambs to fix, but so far I haven't been able to identify any stolen property.

UPDATE . . .

Since the initial break-in, we talked to Bryan and he said that he was able to identify the burglar who lived just a few blocks away and proved to be a "scholar" of the nearby KCPS high school.

Bryan discovered that the young thief in training did, in fact, get away with some iPods and other tech . . . The kid returned the stolen goods and there there is talk of a sit down to straighten out the situation i.e. restorative justice rather than just straight up prosecution. 

Sadly, more victims of Kansas City break-ins haven't been able to meet with their assailants face to face as this warm weather crime trend grows worse and more local houses are robbed.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

and our mayor still wants to take away our guns?

Anonymous said...

No problem. Mayor's Nights Out will be starting any day now.
And as the east side empties out and there are more abandoned houses and vacant lots, this kind of thing will be getting much worse.
You can't burglarize a vacant lot or rob an empty house.
How's the subsidized downtown renaissnace coming?

Anonymous said...

You are a burglar, you are a target. Shoot these niggers, whenever one is in your house.

Anonymous said...

Baseball bat comes in handy for situations like this.

New twist on "break a leg" used in the acting business.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a total beta move not prosecuting the kid and giving him a stint in juvie for the summer.

elBryan said...

My rental property was burglarized the same day; unrelated. And another neighborhood leader had their home burglarized two days ago.

Also, it was a real possibility that I could have shot this individual but my gun was in the house, making it unsafe for me to access it. I chased him for about ten minutes, but I was near a school and once he leaves my property, the law is no longer on my side. Plus, why would I want to shoot a 17 year old kid over some iPods. I'm really hoping for a positive outcome, because I later learned that his brother goes to school with my nephew.

I'll be sure to let Tony know what the resolution is.

Anonymous said...

Glad he didn't steal your gun.

Anonymous said...

"Restorative justice".....yeah, whatever!

My thought is that anyone who would watch you leave your house, then kick in the door to gain entry, deserves FULL prosecution and retribution. It's not like you left the front door wide open and an otherwise honest kid was tempted to steal.

Mr. Stalder and everyone else living in KC should take the steps to legally carry a firearm, and then JUST DO IT.

Stand up for yourself, your family, and JUST SAY NO TO CRIMINALS.

(disclosure: this message brought to you in part by honest citizens, Nike, and Nancy Reagan)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this scholar is a valedictorian and is planning on going to MU in the fall. Maybe with a little luck a college out of state. His dream was Arizona St.

No????? You mean this kid will be in prison in two years? Oh alright.

Anonymous said...

You know what the white kids who are playing in front of my house do when they see me leave? They keep playing and don't steal shit.

Anonymous said...

It is the fault of racism that this young man is forced to steal because he is denied a future because of white privilege. The white people should pay more in taxes to send this young man to college so he can have a future.


Anonymous said...

Restorative justice? This kid is already lost. The so called Black Leadership whether it be corrupt Black politicians or corrupt Black clergy or a combination of both does not give a shit about this kid but see him as a means to hustle more tax money playing on white guilt.

Anonymous said...

Before we throw the book at him, how big is his penis? Could get him steady gigs in Leawood!

P Bear said...

"Restorative justice".....hang on, dialing up Pootie Tang for a translation. If anyone knows what that means, Pootie will.

elBryan, I understand your heart is in the right place and where you are coming from...with that said, $)(&%&$%$&^%_)$*^_&^$&(*^%^*&&_)&(^&^ !

I agree with you, it's not worth killing a young kid over a I-pod...but remember that 14 year old at PF Chang's had a Glock.

Be very careful.

This time your were very lucky. Don't count on that happening a second time.

Your cat lives are running out !

Wait, the Bear didn't drop the f-bomb or use the N-word....damn this hangover.

Click - POW, Click - POW said...

147 grains of hollow point justice, center-of-mass, double-tap.



Howling nigger vigils optional

GwenGrant said...

10:32 WHOA THERE !!!

"It is the fault of racism that this young man is forced to steal because he is denied a future because of white privilege. The white people should pay more in taxes to send this young man to college so he can have a future."

Excuse me, but you have plagiarized my words, and as such, I am demanding that you pay me reparations for the overwhelming pain and suffering I have endured at your cruel oppressive white hands. Bad Whitey!!!

Anonymous said...

Probably wanted money for a six pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a bag of weed.

Ray Suss said...

I enjoy a good round of racist banter much as the next feller...But I must have missed the part about the kid being one of the dark and dusky race. In Northeast it could have been anyone from A blue black Somali , to a ms13 meessican, or a pasty assed cracker ass cracker.

Anonymous said...

This country needs mandatory military service. 18 and in your for four years.

Anonymous said...

If he's 17 and has a big dick, Byron would probably be willing to, ummmm, work with him.

Anonymous said...

The unbelievable thing about this article is that the police actually showed up and (gasp) even took fingerprints.
Usually they just tell you to walk in a report for your insurance.
This is not true in the suburbs (yes, even Leawood), but it has been true for years in KCMO.

elBryan said...

I know I was lucky that I wasn't shot. A woman was murdered by two 16 year olds just a few days later less than a mile from my house.

Throwing a 17 year old kid in jail is not necessarily the best solution. Anyone who has kids should understand this. His mother has not been cooperative with the police, but she has been willing to work with me; that's how I got much of the stolen property returned. He still hasn't learned his lesson, unfortunately. The prosecutor still has a role in this, but I'd like to be able to talk to this kid first, because he's got younger siblings who probably look up to him.

chuck said...

elByran, it is just my opinion, but, if the kid had a gun, I think he would have used it.

I really didn't have anything to say, until I read, what I always suspected, that his mother is reinforcing his criminal behaviour. This stereotype fits far too frequently, in fact, it fits with the majority of crime committed by African Americans. In court in Detroit, where the gang of African Americans who didn't know each other, beat the truck driver, Steven Utash into a coma for stopping to help a child that ran into the street in front of his car because he was white, the parents of the scum in court, laughed and giggled as the descriptions and details were given, of the beat down.

It's a sick, sick fucking culture and you are betting against the house when you take that chance. I have been there many times and you will lose.

You were lucky.

Anonymous said...

So when do we incarserate him? When he kills his first convenience store clerk or rapes a girl waiting for a school bus? This kid is already lost. Within five years he will either be a homicide victim or a prison inmate.

I am pessimistic because the problem of poverty in the inner city was not created overnight and will not be solved overnight. Sixty years of Federal government policies designed to help lift up Africa-Americans out of poverty and into integrate them into the mainstream of America has created today’s inner city Ghettos. These are the new plantations but there is no work on this plantation for Black men to do as a result of politicians from both parties supporting and enacting Free Trade legislation, so manufacturing jobs could go off shore to cheaper labor. Not only has the Federal government has created this situation where there is no work for Black men to support their families; these families now must turn to government for assistance and a condition of this assistance is for the man to be absent from the family. Compounding this problem is the so called Black leadership made up of corrupt politicians, corrupt clergymen and those who are combinations of both. What the Federal government is doing to Black America is no less genocide than what it did to Native Americans (Indians). Now these policies are not just destroying Black families and Black society but they are destroying poor White families and their society. Soon that kid on the skateboard casing your house and waiting for you to leave so he can burglarize it will be a poor white kid and he will be lost by them too.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Bryan. That really sucks, but glad you didn't get hurt.

Ever think about getting the hell out of Killer City?

Anonymous said...

Shoot 'em the fuck dead.

Permanent fix.

Anonymous said...

The obvious thugs aren't the only ones looting houses. Just ask Sly James anything about East Patrol which is not part of the "City script". We know you had 25 sites but did you really look at any of them and where is the documentation which supports the evaluation. There is none. That's why he won't answer the questions. There's all kinds of crooks in Kansas City. Start with the Black Baptist Church and work your way to City Hall.

Anonymous said...

2:45 very thoughtful IS a bitch to make it these day's ..

Anonymous said...

He broke in to give you some deodorant dude; he was trying to help.

Anonymous said...

Shoot 'em.
Hang 'em by ankles.
Field dress 'em.
Send 'em back to their momma with a bill for your ammo, time, and trouble.

Anonymous said...

this could all have been prevented by renovating thatcher elementary for midnight basketball

Anonymous said...

I'm curious. Besides getting you your stolen items returned, did the mother say how she was going to handle her son? I'm sure you don't know her personally, but are you confident that her intervention will prevent him from doing this again to your neighbors? Sometimes police intervention is what it takes to put someone on the right track.

Anonymous said...

You need to think about this situation.

You may not be doing the good thing here.

Anonymous said...

1:08 PM is right.

You need to head over there right now and retroactively shoot him.

Thank you for your service to the community.

elBryan said...

I'm not undercutting the police at all. I'm asking for the prosecutor to allow lenience in the event that this kid is willling to look at me face to face, discuss his crime, and make it up to me/the community. That doesn't even necessarily mean no jail time. The prosecutor still has a role/opinion.