Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Check the latest word from Kansas City Transit activist Clay Chastain as his light rail legal battle heads for a decision date . . . The following is an excerpt of a longer editorial wherein Clay passes along an editorial missive but still makes a case for his plan that is, to date, the only citywide rail transit "yes vote" in the modern era.

Check it:


What seems clear is that no matter the legal outcome June 12, the losing side can and will appeal. This will catapult the initiative into another round of endless litigation leaving the issue unresolved (as to whether Kansas City should modernize its transit system around a citywide light rail train system or a downtown streetcar system) and hanging over the Kansas City community.

Moreover, it is unfair to expect average citizens to have to spend tens of thousands of dollars legally defending a valid initiative. This negative precedent will only further discourage citizens from utilizing a democratic freedom they have reserved to themselves.

Therefore ... The only way out of this civic quagmire and merry-go-round of litigation, and protect the integrity of the democratic process, is for Mayor James and the City Council to reverse course and vote to place Chastain's light rail initiative ordinance before the voters in the up-coming November general election.

The City will then be free to point of out in a campaign how misleading, misguided, and under funded they think the initiative is.

It is time to take the long-suffering light rail initiative out of the courtroom and onto the ballot, and let the voters decide.


Anonymous said...

Voter ignorance and apathy is more concernin, and frightening then Clay's proposal by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

The voter already approved a better light rail program than what is currently in place. The city council ignored the vote.

Kansas City need light rail, all current fire stations plus new ones, more police officers, and more infrastructure improvements. The biggest thing we lack is a Mayor and city council that can see the real future. We don't have light rail because the city took it out. We don't have fire stations and fire fighters because the Mayor and city council are playing games. To bad Sly and the Family can't think further into the future. I'm tired of people talking game and then bailing on progress.

Anonymous said...

How you can continue to get posts on this issue is astounding and indicates the sincere ignorance of your readership.


Anonymous said...

Sly's CK is furnishing its part of the house with stapled-together crap designed to look better than it really is. Everyone who lives here likes to keep the blinds drawn now so as not to see it all coming apart.

Mongo said...

Mongo likes choo choo.

Anonymous said...

1:12 = low info suburbanite troll. Speaking of stapled together crap, why don't you start follwoing whats happening in your own "city", aka Overland Park. what's the latest on the obscene amount of taxpayer $$$ you guys just pissed away on a highway interchange to no where that no one uses? Or your 15 subsidized strip malls? Or your convention center that tax money props up? Or the business you literally have to bribe to locate in nowhereville, nothingtown.

Suburbs = hind tit suckers. You literally would not exist without this city. Face it. There's a reason theres no suburbs around Salina, dipshit.

Anonymous said...

3:41 are you really that fucking stupid or did you have a head injury at sometime in your life. I grew up in Salina and fucking Shawnee is bigger than Salina and we have damn few black people there. Sure JOCO has tax supported shit every city does you asshole but we don't fucking break the camels back building stupid shit like arena's and fucking trolleys going no where. So shut the fuck up asshole and deal with the fucking dump you live in.

Anonymous said...

That chick in the judges outfit reminds me of Judge Franco!

Any relation?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

3:41 really needs to get out a lot more, but then again, maybe he's like Caleb and doesn't want to ever own a car, in which case his life will be geographically limited indeed.
You can like the suburbs or not, but to say that there's no traffic on the interstates and highways in Johnson County is delusional. And Overland Park is consistently rated as one of the best places to raise a family in national surveys, so badmouthing that city is pretty silly as well.
Of the 2.4 million residents of the metro, over 80% of them live, by choice, in suburban communities, whether they be close in like Prairie Village, or rural like Stanley.
They do that because the negatives of what passes for a local urban environment far outweigh the positives and aren't going to get better anytime soon, particularly with a KCMO government that spends money, time, focus, effort, and energy on pretty much anything BUT actual services for residents.
And that's not going to change, so the metro demographics will continue as they've been going for decades.
Good luck with density, the creative class, the streetcar, and becoming the innovation capital of the USA. When those fads pass, which they surely will, and the millenials age out, downtown real estate is going to be pretty cheap. Of course, by the time Sly's through, the taxpayers will be responsible for paying for most of it.

Anonymous said...

The reactionary suburbanite marketing department gets frothy lipped with rage anytime anyone questions their subsidized, unsustainable lifestyle choices. Fucking rubes.

The same people who complain about the non existent "traffic" in JoCo and crow about the amazing snow removal 2 times a year, but don't understand why their "cities" literally have to bribe businesses to relocate there.

JoCo is a corporate trough and a marketting ploy. The suburban delusion is a pyramid scheme. And its fucking crumbling while you crybabies shriek and howl.

This little hatespace is the only place you can go to feel like you in the majority, and its sad. Sad, sad, sorry little suburbanites. 14:30 and counting.

Anonymous said...

By the time Sly's done no one will be able to afford much of anything.
With about 12% of your money going for taxes 25% to the feds and another 25% for rent over half a persons check is gone.

Anonymous said...

Don't go away mad, Clay. Just go away.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why 10:36 is so mesmerized by Johnson County when there are millions of metro reisdents who live in the suburban parts of the metro in both Kansas and Missouri that surround KCMO. In fact, KCMO north of the river more closely resembles Overland Park than it does Brookside.
One of the really attractive aspects of the metro is the great diverse choice of living locations and people are generally going to choose what they feel best works for them.
Parochial screeching makes the KC metro look pretty silly and bush-league and if there's really any serious interest in national competitiveness, the region's going to have to play to its strengths.