Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Kansas City Tuesday Night Link Look

Here's our NSFW Kansas City Tuesday night inspiration . . .

Joey Fisher and Leah Francis Are Madly

And here are the local links we're checking . . .

- Research Med Center Excuse: Mistake during construction led to lost med docs

- Local Sharks Earn Rebuke: Federal judge chastises KC lawyers

- Meth Town Crime Crew: Police seek persons of interest in connection to robberies

- Crooked Couple Crosses state Line: KCK residents charged with robbing Excelsior Springs bank

- Local Perv In Action: Man breaks into Kansas City home, lifts blanket off sleeping woman

- Golden Ghetto Traffic Trouble Coming Soon: Be prepared: Roe Ave. bridges over I-435 are coming down


- Kansas City Neighborhood Lawn Care Hateration: Brookside 'beach' house leaves gritty taste with neighbors

- Politico.com Reblog: KC-based VFW in nasty spat with NC senator

- Rock Chalk Testimony On Why The Roast Was Overcooked: Abuse Narratives Inform Recovery In Domestic Violence Shelters

- Golden Ghetto Public Service Reminder: "Move Over" Law (#MoveOver)

- Cowtown Alt Fuel: Natural gas filling stations sprout up in KC

As always, this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

Mistake during construction led to lost med docs.

Don't think that excuse is going to stop the lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Running out of water. Probably time to invest in desalination and water pipelines instead of toy trains?

Anonymous said...

This beach house brookside woman is inconsiderate. Her house is an eyesore. It looks like it should be in white trash independence. Maybe she should move there.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Kansas has to worry about water. America needs to worry about $5.00 a loaf bread.

Anonymous said...

RE: Natural gas filling stations sprout up in KC

1.29/gallon equivalent OP,KS
1.89/gallon equivalent LS, MO

Anonymous said...

Where do I get a conversion?

...and only 8 years after Mr. Pickens started professing the abundance and savings of natural gas. Good old proactive KC

Anonymous said...

Fuck T Boone Pickens, he's buying up all the water out west to bottle that up and sell it too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, fuck a guy that's smart enough to buy up water. That same water that dumb ass 11:28 has to have to live.

Fuck the very thing that keeps you alive. Stupid fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

Is the beach house lady Toni Bones' mother?