Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Kansas City Sunday News Link Stand

Lingerie angel goodness starts our Kansas City Sunday . . .

- In Kansas City We Consider A Double Shooting Weekend With No Murders A Success: Shooting in Kansas City leaves 2 injured

- Sunflower State Politicos Still Cry Fowl: Kansas to feds: State regulates prairie chickens

- Show-Me Forbes Touting Tax Cut Almost A Century In The Making: It Took Missouri's Lawmakers 93 Years To Take A Very Positive Leap

- Dead Tree Media Traffic Reporting: Traffic pattern changed under Bartle Hall, but signals didn't

- Show-Me Jeff City Power Play In The Making: Rare procedure might force votes in Missouri Senate this week

- Kangaroo Gift Inside The Loop: Donors provide site for proposed UMKC downtown arts campus

- Too Sick Too Die: Missouri inmate seeks to stop his execution over rare health problem

- Kicking-Ass: First place Sporting KC earns emphatic 3-0 road victory over Montreal Impact

- Big-Ass Keepsake @ The Courthouse: Jackson County set to reopen 675 pound time capsule in 2093

- Slogans Don't Help Hitting: Kansas City Royals Stay Losing And Struggle To Play .500 Baseball

- Cheapskate Owners Aren't Even Trying To Hide It Anymore: Kansas City Chiefs draft wrap-up

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Anonymous said...

If black people could aim we would have at least 300 murders per year.

P Bear said...
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Anonymous said...

Polar bear did you forget how to scroll. Looks like you're the one who is late to the party.

P Bear said...

5:45 thank's for the concern, but the Bear was busy taking a shit and didn't refresh from 7 minutes before.

Guess you hi-tech hipsters have automatic updating.

There you go 5:45, correction. Now tell mom your going back to sleep

UPDATE: Westport shooting. 2:45am. Let me guess who could have done this ? Wait. What? No way!

A Negro shooter ? Surely you jest. Not the African Negro.

Anonymous said...

Polar bear, don't you know it was the IRISH! LOL!

P Bear said...
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P Bear said...

Jesus H. Christ....the Bear is trying to sober up from late nite Nascar and turn on GMA.

Erin Little of KMBC is the guest weather ho this weekend. You could not be any more phony. She was acting almost delusional doing the fucking weather...something in that Sleeze Summit water.

There is not that much plastic in a Kardashian.

She must be taking acting lessons from Glazer. You can't possibly be that fucking phony without professional help.

Anonymous said...

Stupid, fucking niggers again! It's always niggers but most people are so afraid to be called racist, that they ignore it or overlook the poor, downtrodden black folks. Fuck niggers!!