Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Fight Against Kansas City Celebratory Gunfire Continues This Summer

Following New Year's Eve . . . The Summer season and 4th of July are the occasion for even more DANGEROUS AND SOMETIMES DEADLY Kansas City celebratory gunfire that endangers the lives of locals and killed a young child not so long ago.

Today KMBC has the round-up of a tragic local story:

Mother of slain girl will push for stiffer laws: Blair Shanahan Lane killed by celebratory gunfire in 2011


"Blair Shanahan Lane was killed on July 4, 2011, after she was hit by a stray bullet by four men firing celebratory shots from across a lake.

Marveon Skinner has pleaded guilty to his role in the shooting.

Lane's mother, Michele Shanahan DeMoss, said she is relieved that the court process is finally over. She said she still can't bring herself to return to the relative's home where the shooting happened.

DeMoss said her daughter would have completed the eighth grade on Thursday."

The response to this tragedy was swift and many politicos pushed "Blair's Law" but in this era of gun rights debate it's important to realize that some crackdowns against irresponsible gun owners are not only merited but also help keep Kansas City safe.

More info . . . Bullet Free Sky


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A KC Scholar said...

Kansas City Public Schools should teach kids that bullets shot into the air come down. I blame the school teachers for this problem.