Thursday, May 15, 2014


Here's a Dead Tree Media sharing their Ric Romero moment and informing us that younger people love the Internets and all the services it provides . . .

Post written by local newsie over 60: Kansas City adjusts to a culture of sharing . . . The city's efforts to regulate the Lyft ride-sharing service show a generational split of older owners and younger borrowers.

Not sure why Dead Tree Media is pushing ride share . . . It's an interesting service but I notice the Star's anti-regulatory zeal didn't apply to offering more voting opportunity for minorities with smaller districts . . . Or the E-tax . . .

Still . . . The Star playing young vs. old generational politics is kinda played out given that it's an old school institution with entrenched newsies basically playing politics over an insurance regulation issue.


Anonymous said...

We're all the same, only our home states change
Everyday, we're wasting Kansas City space
We're out-of-place, our Converses grow mold
Our rent is paid, from Mom back home

Sometimes I sleep, until noon on a Tuesday
And the natives I meet always try to punch me in my face
Sometimes I start my the day, with a $10 coffee drink
I can get parental loans, in the matter of a blink

Anonymous said...

More incoherant bullshit from a Helling

Anonymous said...

Only the Mary Sanchez articles are free from Dead Tree Medusa!!!

Marvin Pontiac said...

Hurry up and die off Boomers!

You brought us a poisoned planet, political correctness and an obsession with lawn care.

We'll now try and salvage the fucked up mess you created.

I can only hope that your Nigerian nursing home aides slap your Alzheimer's face when no one is looking.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to see what you have to offer, 11:24. All I see are lots of complaints and no solutions.

Hi, I'm Marvin, I am a stupid fucking Hipster..... said...

Marvin, get your worthless fucking ass on your skateboard, turn your cap sideways, and kick it out in front of a semi.......

Stupid fucking loser.