Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sporting Kansas City Championship Ale

A first look at Kansas City still buzzing from a big win . . . Even if it's soccer . . . Also, if precious readers noticed this link placement, then you're smarter about the culture then I give most people credit: "This beer is brewed to commemorate the 2013 championship season for Sporting KC Soccer. This beer is a saison that will be packaged in 750ml bottles and come in a 6.2% ABV."


That's....Jack Smack!! said...

Let the Gayboys begin their high school pep squad chants of "I believe that we will win."

Cue the confetti cannons.

Don the Euro scarfs.

And cheer on the foppish flopping fairies.

Jack Smack's mama said...

Wow...such hate...looks like liddle boi has an inferiority complex. Must be time to change your diapers.

Anonymous said...

I HATE intolerant people!

Anonymous said...

I HATE intolerant people!