Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Slightly Cleaner Kansas City Transit

Cheaper and greener than the old school toy train streetcar . . . KCATA Adds More Compressed Natural Gas Buses To Fleet

Deets: " The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) is increasing the number of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles in its fleet. Fifteen new CNG buses arrived in Kansas City, and are now serving Metro bus routes. Additional CNG buses are on order and will be delivered next fall and in 2015."


Anonymous said...


Now add some dedicated bus lanes on major routes, off-board ticketing and real signal priority.

Couple that with an expanded streetcar spine, and this city will have caught up with what smart, growing cities were doing in the 1990s.

Anonymous said...

The Kansas City metro has been growing for decades, just not in downtown KCMO where the rah rah elected crowd is throwing away all the money. Apparently people vote with their feet and their wallets for safe neighborhoods, good schools, competent effective local government, well-maintained streets sidewalks and utilities, and all the other things that make the difference between a first and third world country.
There may come a day when KCMO actually has an elected city government that addresses such things. But it sure isn't now.

Anonymous said...

Will they run off of the copious flatulence which issues from the mouth of Sly on a daily basis?