Saturday, May 10, 2014

Show-Me MO Rage Over Baby Killing Delay

Retrospective from The Raw Story amid more debate . . . MO lawmaker: Force 3-day abortion wait on rape victims — it’s ‘same thing’ as my bad knee


Miss Sweetie Pie said...

Mr. Tony,
No one looks forward to an abortion. The Republican political operatives have used abortion as their go-to money grab issue. Dear sirs, I refuse to play.
Now that they have pert near beat that horse dead, they are making inroads into restricting viable contraceptives.

This tea party controlled State House is wasting my tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

The GOP is intellectually and scientifically right on the issue- abortion does kill a living thing and viability means abortions have to happen sooner and sooner to the left of that 26th week timeline.

To actually accept being pro-choice you have to:

1) Keep up the intellectual falsehood that a fetus is not alive, not a human and something akin to a tumor infecting a host.


2) Play the Utilitarian game where you justify that women have the right to kill another human being because allowing abortions and women autonomy over their reproduction is more important than killing a human life.

As you get older you realize how selfish these women are who refuse to put their lives on hold for 9 months to put a baby up for adoption.

No excuse whatsoever for an abortion since I can buy condoms anywhere or get the pill for about a dollar a day without insurance coverage.

Anonymous said...

Does pulling out really work?

Margaret Sanger said...

I used to be anti-abortion but when I looked at who were having the abortions, I then became pro-choice.

Anonymous said...

Some people are good at raising kids and it should be a privilege like driving a car. When it comes to justice for the unborn I'm having difficulty understanding why Infant Mortality is not considered in this equation of justice?

Anonymous said...

Spoken like someone that does not have children of their own.

Anonymous said...

If I had a stupid dead fetus it would look like Toni Shelton.